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To preserve the lives of the people
The Ministry of Health in Egypt in arabic
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I am not good in English
The friend from Egypt translated tips

please Brothers and sisters Muslims Help me please Read tips only and say me Is translated it true
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topic 1

Do not boring to visiting site or loading files in the ending of day you may find the important informations in some one day

blood donation

There are websites that give phone numbers of blood donors, 24 hours a day of all blood types in every city worldwide. Choose the country, then the city, etc., then choose the blood type. The results will be shown to you, containing the contacts of the donors. Some English websites:

Ask people who have good knowledge in searching in the Internet, especially in Google, to find as many sites for donors as possible. Searching for these phrases is highly recommended:
blood banks - blood donors - websites for blood donors - find blood donors You should also think for other phrases in your local languages and also in English. Please share these sites in hospitals, clinics, etc. and ask them to you these sites and use them.

Searching in local languages can lead you to a lot of sites.
Searching in local languages for these phrases can lead you to a lot of sites.
search engine

you should create a website for those who want to donate blood, asking them to provide their phone, blood type, state, city, etc. You can contact any company specialist in web design to create the website.

To publish this site on the people there to be a benefit and the spread of the site you must work advertisements to publish this site, whether on television, radio or newspapers etc etc.
Or communicate with companies doing E-Marketing and advertising on the Internet to work for the site in the announcement online at sites such as Google, Facebook and YouTube etc etc.
You can communicate with the companies set up websites and e-marketing in the Internet searching for them in all local languages Google site
I pleased to make a website to donate the organ transplantation and website to collect Suggestions to the Ministry of Health, All of these sites have the same idea of donating blood is running ads in each of these sites
Drinking only small amounts of water causes many illnesses. Advise others to drink sufficient amounts of water.
Putting additives to milk makes it lose its nutritional value.
Using computers and mobile phone for long periods of time causes blindness.
Eat Fish And the milk it causes Diseases and Poisoning


topic 2

-Very important, a very good invention to save the lives of millions of people from death. Vibrating vest to save millions of heart attack victims, the vest is found in a center in America Mount Sinai Center. You can communicate with them via the Internet or search the Internet for more information on the vest.
All pipes of drinking water must be changed and replaced with pipes that do not cause diseases.
I mean all pipes from the river to the cup of water.
About tumors some doctors amputate breast
Doctors specialists say that breast emptying and compensate are better than amputation.
Antidepressants and obsession drugs may cause fetal malformation.
Internal white pomegranate peel, if it was grinded to be a solid, adding honey to it treats stomach ulcers.
I read about many people who tried this way but I do not remember it well. You can search for them on the Internet to know how to prepare it well in the Google site in English and the local language of you. Look for stomach ulcers pomegranate peel honey - or other terms.
The high temperature causes the disease (Be careful).
Cold weather causes the disease and cause heart attacks (be careful).
There is an artificial pancreas was invented for diabetes to handle the millions of people who have diabetes. Look for invention in Google.
You must find solutions for all the health problems.
You must make sites on the Internet to gather suggestions and advice of the Ministry of Health.
A very important piece of information to search for a cure for all diseases, search in Google for the treatment of any diseases and it should be in English, because the English language is used globally, and the search results are more when searching in it.
Search also in all languages of the world. Example, treatment of stomach ulcer disease, Look for these proposed statements.
Herbal treatment of gastric ulcers (knowing that herbs do not have any damages).
Treat stomach ulcers (It is known that the medicines in pharmacies cause damage or side effects and operations in hospitals as well).
And you can communicate with translators for all languages to assist in the search for anything said in the file, and you can communicate with translators for all languages via the Internet by using the word - Search Translator - translation companies - an example of translation from English into Spanish (you cans search by this if you want a translator from English to Spanish), and search by using other statements.
Or through translation centers and others in all the cities in your country - the person that is searching at the Internet must have had experience in the Internet and Google site.
For children who are born without a roof in the throat,when they are breastfeeding or drinking milk they vomit milk. The suffocation happens to the child and it is necessary that the child drink milk so as not to die.
To solve this problem, there are successful online solutions.
To make the child drink more milk,choose the best solution for you. We have collected the solutions from merchants online.
All of these experiences must have a child in a sitting position- the Ministry of Health must find solutions to this problem, whether by searching the Internet and outside the Internet because this is an important issue.
1- Milk is put in the cup or baby bottle and then the baby drinks form it. This is a picture on the Internet of baby bottle. Enter the Internet to see it.
2- Regular nipple, the nipple slot is maximized and squeezed by using thumb and forefinger and the child in a sitting position. Nipple also called the bottle.
An image for it
Cocoon is used instead of breastfeeding. Put the milk in baby bottle and then take the milk using the cocoon, and make the baby drink while he is sitting.
There nipples in the markets specially made for this problem, but they are not available and sometimes not be useable with some people.
Milk name:SimilacNyoshor, this milk is to be drunk by one of these previous methods.
It helps a child's development is an important to this problem and is intended for children who have less growth.
It is found in the market and can vary from one country to another, search for its name on the Internet and ask for its name in your country.
Black pomegranate peel causes cancer:
All the information that I've sent to you, you can make sure of them by Google search in English and your local languages,the person that is searching at the Internet must have had experience in the Internet and Google site.
Developed countries have a cure for many diseases that has no cure in your country.