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Islamic Music Reviews

Islamic Music Reviews
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    Lightbulb Islamic Music Reviews (OP)


    I recently attended a lecture about Islamic Music and how this industry is growing. Islamic music has come a long way, from soft melodies by Sami Yusuf and Zain Bhikha to up-beat instrumental tracks from Maher Zain, Safe Adam and Harris J.

    Many of these songs share deep meaningful lyrics. Occasionally I hear lyrics that directly correlate with verses in the Quran.

    So I decided to start an Islamic Music review website called [link removed], where I call out these links.

    I have already reviewed a number of tracks and now stating to wonder what type of songs people enjoy most.

    Please list your top 2-3 Islamic Songs in this thread. It would be really helpful!
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    Re: Islamic Music Reviews

    Report bad ads?

    Quote Originally Posted by *charisma* View Post
    Assalamu Alaikum

    Why not just listen to quran?

    Difference of opinion amongst whom? All four madhabs condemn music and consider it haram.

    You have found a platform for yourself, so don't you think it is more preferable for your akhira to lead people towards something which you know is beloved by Allah and which will bring you great reward? Instead of analyzing and studying the many anasheed out there, won't it be more beneficial to use your time to learn the Quran? These are just questions to ask yourself.

    I'm only advising bro, I don't want it to seem like the forum is against you or anything, but we are here to help one another and Allah will show mercy to us for doing so. The very least of what you could do with your website is to stay away from promoting those which have the instruments and music, and to remove any images which are unislamic. You have to reflect on what your intention is and match it with a proper, correct action.

    If having a website is something you really want for making money or whatever, find a better alternative. Muslims around the world are many. You can get in touch with Muslim entrepreneurs, web developers, web designers, etc. and find something which is halal and more suitable. You can collaborate, or put your mind, time, and effort towards making something for muslims which is not out there yet.

    Very good, Masha-Allah
    Islamic Music Reviews

    For the translation and short explanation of the surahs / verses of the Holy Quraan go to


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