Dear all,
I wanted to dedicate this thread to ask married or divorced people about their experience in marriage and everything. I will start by lying down some questions and anyone else who wants to add to them is welcome.
Ok, so here we go:
1) What is the most beneficial feature/characteristic of your spouse that helped maintain your marriage or boosted your attachment to them?
2) What was the most destructive/harmful feature/characteristic of your spouse that caused you to distant yourself from them?

3) What was one of the most significant factors in your marriage's success/failer that you never even thought of before you got married?
4) What were some of the most significant factors you thought of before marriage that actually did have a great impact on your marriage?
5) what would be some of the most underrated advice you would like to stress on for people who are thinking about getting married?

6) For those who are divorced or widowed, how would you advice one to cope with such an event and what would make it get better besides prayer?
7) (Question for both married and divorced) Are there anything you regret doing/not doing that might have helped your marriage or even your own self?

Feel free to not give details about your personal life or experience. Just underlining the overall advice can be sufficient with reasoning/explanation. Thank you so much in advance!