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    Did I do the right thing? What should i do now? - love issue

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    Asalam Alaikum

    in my last thread i talked about how i met a muslim girl on the internet (i wasnt seeking to talk to girls,this just happened) and how bad i felt after as i saw some of her pics (ofc i didnt ask for those) and i felt as if i could never love her,because i was afraid when i would see her in real life i wouldnt like her at all.
    So i took the advices here and what some other people told me,and I ''broke up'' lets say,so she wouldnt be more hurt in the future if i decided i didnt want to marry her.I took this decision even though after making lots of istikhara and duaa i didnt get a clear answer,or maybe i got but i wasnt understanding it.

    But now i regret it and i am completely shattered,i dont find pleasure in anything,i feel extremely lonely,i miss her a lot and think of her the whole time,and i wish i went back in time a bit so i wouldnt do what i did.Her friend messaged me asking me whats wrong with her,and why is she only crying and not eating anything,just crying the whole time.
    I feel like I will never find a muslim girl who will love me as much as she does,or even find a girl who is as good as her.I am a convert and a foreign,i dont have a fancy profession or money,yet she agreed to marry me the way i am.

    -What should i do? I want to meet her but it would take 2-3 for me till i can go meet her/her family in real life.By that time,what if she doesnt love me anymore,or is even married,cuz she gets proposals all the time.
    -Should I even tell her that i still want to meet you,its just that we shouldnt talk anymore until then? or will that give her false hopes,because i dont know if i will like her for real,and beauty is important for me i wish i wasnt such a swine but what can i do...?
    -And if its better to let her go.How to deal with the fear that i may never find a girl better than her that will love me the same way?
    Please help me,am paying so much for this ...

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    Re: Did I do the right thing? What should i do now? - love issue

    I think you should meet her and her parents and Discuss this matter with them.

    Sometimes, Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

    Don't think with your heart but with brain.
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