Re: Pearls of Wisdom of the Salaf

It was narrated from Thabit that Anas said:

"We were with Abu Moosa on a journey, and the people were talking and mentioning worldly matters. Abu Moosa said:

'0 Anas, these people are talking too much. Come, let us remember our Lord for a while.' Then he said: 'What slowed the people down (in pursuing matters of the hereafter)?' I said: 'Worldly matters, Satan and whims and desires.' He said:

'No, it is the fact that this world is close, and they can see it, while the hereafter is hidden from them. By Allah, if they could see it with their own eyes, they would not drift or turn away from it."'

- Tafseer al Qurtubi under the tafseer of verse 16 of Surat Al-'A'la