Assalamu alaikum,

I've been wondering for some time about Huda Tv. I see scholars and scientists of Islam in that channel that is very reliable and authentic, that is how I see. And I was thinking to ask some questions which are personal and I wanna know about it which is related to Islam. Because, I have some theories and probability about certain matters. Because, I have talkin with some Christians about their belief and that made me wonder do the Christians of today are going to enter Paradise alongside with Muslims? Because, I have talkin with a Catholic Christian and she admitted she is not a polytheist, and I asked her what is the difference between veneration and worship? And she told me that worship is solely for God Almighty but about veneration, I forgot what she told me. Because, I asked this after she told them that worshipping Mary is not polytheism and from that reason I asked her this and my mom also told me that Catholics worship Mary instead of God because they think that they are impure for repenting directly with God and they ask for someone to do in their behalf, so they can seek forgiveness from God Almighty. So based on that, prophet Muhammad said that good deeds are based on intentions. So, does that mean People of Book will enter Paradise alongside with us and are they regarded as true believers and they are a version of us and legitimate for Paradise? Because, I'm hoping that there is a hope that Christians will enter Paradise alongside with Muslims because that was my dream for very long time and I wish to know if we have evidence in Islam that are very powerful arguments. Because, all what I want is to see on the Day of Judgment, that Allah(SwT) would admite my mother to Paradise just for being Orthodox Christian and she respects Jesus Christ just as we do! But the thing is that she told me that Jesus is not the same as God, so you cannot say that Jesus is God because she believes that it is a blasphemy. But others say Christ is God but not different God, this what others say when I talk with them. So after all, Christians do believe that Jesus is not only as they say son of God but a Messenger and Prophet of God. They say that Jesus is more than Messenger and Prophet which means they admit that Jesus is a Messenger of God, but that is their concept and understanding of the holy birth of Jesus. Personally I don't blame them because that is how they understood the birth of Jesus, but the problem is that they don't want to learn their misunderstanding and don't want to acknowledge their misunderstanding.

Also, what is interesting is that the Jews I have seen and I talked with, they all say that Christian Trinity is a joke, fairy tale and foolish and they find it blasphemy the Trinity of Christianity. Like that Jewish Rabbi Trovia Singer have seen that the belief of Christians is sick because they use Torah as a justification for their trinity. Because, The Jewish Rabbi said in one of his videos that Christians have used Torah and quoted what they like, like they the only thing they have is Deutronomy 18:18 just to justify their sick belief which they belief to be originally pagan and they even said it publically that Bible contradicts Torah and Quran, because several Jewish Rabbis have confirmed and proved online that Bible contradicts Torah and Quran, because they say that Christians believe in Trinity and they have cited Quranic verses about Trinity and they used as their argument against Christians and they cited also verses from Torah and they have refuted the claims of Christians which they said that Jesus the God is mentioned in Torah and they refuted by using the verses from Torah and Quran, because they believe that it is not what Moses taught the Jewish people.

The only good thing which I see in Jews is that they are truly monotheists and they defend also Islam from Christians because they know Islam is cousin of Judaism. And they themselves have confirmed that Muslims are believers like them, because they said that Muslims are pure believers of the God of Israel, and they said with confidence in front of everyone.

The only good thing which I see in Christians is that they are not after all polytheists because I have seen is that they are a sort of monotheists but not exactly like Jews and Muslims, because they put it that way, that holy spirit and Jesus are not separate.

And who are Sabians and Magians? Is it true that Sabians are Hindus and Magians are Zoroastrians? Because, I'm trying to identify who these people are, because I find them to be mysterious. Some say Sabians are those in Yemen from the time of Bilqis and others say that they are Hindus. Because, I have found that Nasara actually means Christians and Yahudu means Jews(that is the straightforward translation). But what I haven't found is Sabian and Magian. That is what I'm struggling to find out who those people are, because I wanna suggest to a English translation for Magian and Sabian, because these terms are in Arabic just like Yahudu wal Nasara which means Jews and Christians, you see what I mean? This kind of meaning I'm trying to find out and for me to find out, I must identify who Sabians and Magians are, because there are theories that they could be Hindus and Zoroastrians or something else.

My questions are:

1. Do Christians and Jews will enter Paradise alongside with Muslims?
2. Do these conditions I situations I mentioned, makes Christians and Jews to be true believers like us?
3. If I wanna ask a question to Huda Tv, what are ways I can do? And how do I do in such that I can receive my answer from one of the scholars of Huda Tv? Because I wanna ask them this, because Dr. Muhammad Salah has said that there is a sect of Christians and Jews that will enter Paradise and I believe that I have identified them and I wanna know his response to it and what does Islam say about it and it's opinion.
4. If I want to ask through email, what is their email and how should I do so I can also receive their answer?

P.S. The reason I ask this, is because my grandpa died as a Christian Orthodox and he was very kind man and I miss him so much after his death, and I'm trying to find evidence whether he died as kafir or not, so I will not worry about his fate on the Day of Judgment, because I want to meet him in Paradise and I have also normal friends who are Christians and we were friends since we were born and we know one another very well, and they know me as a Muslim and I know them as Christians, and they have respected me of what religion I am and they have not criticized me nor they have bother me for what I am. They only criticize me when I say foolish and stupid things in public and not for what religion I am. And also, my mom is not interested in Islam but only in Christianity this is what I have noticed and she is not even interested to learn any religion. And that is why I'm trying to find evidence in Islam that People of Book will enter Paradise alongside with Muslims. Because, I understand that God guides those who want to be guided and not those don't want to be guided. And that is why, I'm hoping that there must be evidence in Islam that supports my claims and that is why I wanna ask and also ask the doctors from Huda tv about this matter and tell them my theories so they can know how to answer. And besides, I also dreamt for God To Make People of Book superior just like us and Hindus, Atheists and Buddhists to be inferior to Jews, Christians and Muslims. That is actually my dream and I've been wondering if whether or not God have done that or no, or maybe there are clues in Islam which I have figure out and clues within People of Book which can help me find the answer I'm lookin for. The reason for this, is because I see People of Book important because they are followers of Jesus and Moses and we as Muslims are also followers of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad(peace be upon them all) and I also wanna have my friends in Paradise and to meet them again in Paradise, because I've been wondering how it would be if I would be admitted to Paradise as a Muslim and they as Christians, because I would like to continue on with our friendship. By the way, that is not religious friendship, it is actually a normal friendship. Because, I have many memories with them and I wouldn't feel comfortable to lose them, because we have done many cool things together like making phone pranks while calling using unknown number and making fun of him and doing all other crazy things. We also went as one group in park and stadium. We also cursed one another and joked with one another just for entertainment, that is how we used to have good times and I have a crazy friend who used to make fun of God Almighty openly and without shame and I begin to laugh and I could not handle myself from laughing at his attitude and his words and I tried to hold my breath not to explode of laugh, that is because I could not believe my own ears and eyes that a believer would possibly do that in public in front of everyone and without hasitation and without any respect, because he have used vulgarity. And myself as a Muslim, I could never make jokes about God Almighty and I would never use vulgarity, because I'm aware that this is kufr, I only listened to someone who is disrespectful. My mom told me that you can joke with God, but you must not make jokes that are disrespectful, because that is not acceptable. Hmm, this means that the friend I listened to and made me laugh, clearly have made disrespectful jokes about the Creator and without any shame. This means that criticism is Christian concept and they believe that it is perfectly ok to criticize as long as you are not disrespectful. That is how I understood her. Also, I wanna know if people who have no respect and don't know the meaning of respect, will they enter Paradise or Hellfire? That what bothers me, because I don't know the answer of it. I mean, the Christians don't know the meaning of respect and they don't respect God and neither the Prophets(Ambiya) and only we know to respect them, because we don't criticize them and we don't joke about them and let alone God the Creator.