Assalamu alaikum,


I have collected evidence that are against wikiIslam and they are most reliable facts and I can use it against wikiIslam so everyone can see how hypocritical that wikiIslam is. And I also saw a list of questions which Muhammad Syed the owner of wikiIslam have asked about Islam and made a list of questions and hence and I find them very interesting questions but most of his questions are wrong because it makes false premises. I also collected most reliable facts that shows that terrorists are nothing more than bunch of hypocrites and that they are only misusing Islam for bad and unjust purposes and I'm gonna use those evidence against Al Qaida, ISIS and Taliban. And also, I'm gonna make articles in response to Ali Sina, Zakir Naik and others, because these people only brings false image and great distortion to the image of Islam. Also, I have strongest evidence against Ali Sina and couple of articles, that will literally destroy him totally and he will have to ask for forgiveness and kiss our feet for being psycho and foolish and he will have to also delete his website FFI and wikiIslam permanently. Because, I want to make easy for Agnostic Muslims and for new future-generation of Muslims who will use Google and other Browsers. Because, I want to do this something which no one have done to me and that is why I want to do this for future-generation of Muslims who will come after my death and after one thousand years until Last Day(of living on worldly life) This is the main reason why I launched my website and also it is to prove wrong the ideologies of ISIS and Al Qaida and to expose their hypocrisy with most powerful evidence with hope that non-Muslims will stop hating Islam and will stop criticizing Islam for good.

Real Reasons

I would also love to criticize wikiIslam, FFI and answering Islam very bad in same way they do with Islam and I'm gonna criticize the ideologies of non-Muslims but this time, I'm gonna use this proverb "truth shall set you free" and I know how to criticize Christianity and Atheism because I have collected evidence against those two groups that will make Atheists such as ex-Muslims and Christians to shiver very bad and to even make me famous and most popular and also I want to enter into their heads because I would like to be popular like Mohammed Hijab in debate and Ali Sina in criticism. And also, this is defend islam and the honor of prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) and to treat them in same way they treat Islam and us, that would be as a form of pay-back time and I also love this saying "vengeance is delicious" that saying I heard from some people who cited that and I'm gonna use those citations "truth shall set you free" and "vengeance is delicious" against ex-Muslims, Atheists and Christians who attacks Islam. Also, because I would like to earn a lot of money from Wordpress and become euro milionare and very popular and famous Muslim throughout the Internet. Because, I would love to make myself known by Farid and Mohammed Hijab and to the extend where they will even use my materials from my website as evidence against whom they want, because those boys are Muslims and I want to support Muslims against critics of Islam at the best of my ability. Because, I got this idea I got inspired from Imjaystation who made videos and earnt million of dollars every year and also to do something honorable and noble in the name of Islam. Also, since Christians make the claim that Islam is man made religion and only Christianity is true religion and they attack Quran and Sunnah to supposedly prove that Christianity is divine and Islam is man-made religion just like Santana Dharma and others, then what they did is actually making a big mistake, because they don't know whom they are dealing with and I'm gonna be very harsh with them and without hasitation just like they do with Islam and I'm gonna use History in order for me to criticize Christianity. But the purpose of my website is not to criticize Christianity, but to silence Christian polemics and Christian critics. Because, what they say and do is very misleading when they preach Islam.


Does anyone have wordpress account? If yes, would you like to visit, follow and subscribe to my website ? Because, I guarantee you will not regret for subscribing, because you will have great fun and entertainment when you will read my debates and criticism which I'm about to make against certain religions. The first one I'm gonna deal is Christianity and next is Santana Dharma, because I see many Hindus who are extremists and make the claims that Santana Dharma is true religion and they alegate to us that Santana Dharma is ahead of science which I find it very ridiculous thing and laughable. This idea I have from Farid and Jiaz(the one from and Osama Abdullah from and you also see many great articles that never was done by any brothers and sisters. This website of mine is also for debating with non-Muslim polemics and ex-Muslim polemics and critics and I know exactly how to debate and win each debate. This website of mine is the best and strongest Islamic Apologetic website. My website is still under developing, I'm new to wordpress and I'm don't know much about wordpress and I'm trying to make my website be perfect and beautiful and academic within time. My up-coming articles will actually bust some non-Muslims and expose the hate and hypocrisy which they have towards Islam and prophet Muhammad. Also, since Atheists claim they don't follow any belief and they attack Islam and are critical on Islam, then that makes me want to give invalidity to Atheism and debunking Atheism. Also, I may be harsh towards non-Muslims, but what they don't understand is that they don't realize that my harshness can also be of some benefit and could be good thing for them. Because, my website is Apologetic, Dawah, Debate and Critique.

My questions are:

1. What is the ruling for this kind of criticism which I'm planning(e.g. by very constructive in criticism towards Bible and Vedas)?
2. Is this good idea if I present facts that ISIS and Al Qaida are nothing more than bunch of heretics and hypocrites? Would that cause more problems that it is today? Or that will make critics realize that what they think of Islam is wrong and they will stop hating and criticizing Islam? What are the probabilities and possibilities of happening this or that?
3. Is this good idea of making debates with FFI, answering-islam, wikiIslam and many other websites and to even criticize their claims and arguments while debating with these websites(I mean to be sarcast and critical and aggressive)?
4. Is this good idea and halal if I plan on exposing the haters of Islam and prove them and to everyone that haters of Islam are blind haters? Would that brings me big problems and I have to know how to answer to haters of Islam?
5. What are the ways I can challenge the owners of wikiIslam for debate so I can successfully debunk that website and make the owners of it to delete it?
6. What are the ways I can debate with Jihad Watch and FFI since I'm using wordpress and FFI uses the same thing but Jihad Watch does not use it?
7. What are the ways I can debate the website called TROP and successfully debunk it?
8. Is this good idea of debating?
9. Also, if you have wordpress account, may I know your usernames?

P.S. please don't get me wrong. My intention of doing this is to do that so I can give Dawah to haters of Islam from among ex-Muslims, Hindus, Atheists and Christians and also I wanna give Dawah to Jews with hope that in few years, Islam will become the official religion of planet Earth and all other religions will collapse and fall except for Islam. Because, I see that other people are children of Adam(peace be upon him) and I want to save their skins from Hellfire and from the Anger of Allah(SwT) which will befall on them if they keep being stubborn in their hatred and denial and also my dream is for all mankind to enter Paradise. That is my dream and I believe that I have an idea of how to fulfill that big dream I have, because all what I want is to have my entire genealogy tree in Paradise and my friends from among non-Muslims to be in Paradise and their families as well, because I want family unification, because I would like to see Prophet Adam that he is very excited and happy to see his children in Paradise and that also gives me. But as for those who died as disbelievers in past like Pharaoh, then I really don't care about it, because there is nothing I can do for me to save their skins. Also, I'm planning on how I can give Dawah to my grandmother and my mother and others who are Christians in such a way that they will want to embrace Islam and renounce Christianity for good. The purpose I want to debate is so that I can make the authors and owners of those websites to delete permanently and leave Islam alone and also, I'm also opened for debate and I know whom to debate and whom not to debate. This idea with debate I actually got it from Farid Responds and Emin Reminds and the idea with aggressivity I got it from Ali Sina and Mohammed Hijab(ideological combination)