Assalamu alaikum,

It has become to my attention that there are couple of anti-Islam websites which poses themselves as Islamic when in fact they are fake.

Their main topic is sexuality and violence, and because of this I started to have fear of using Google when I want to search for something I am interested to know about Islam such as: how authentic or fabricated is Tasbih prayer? And how authentic is this Narration where the Prophet said: "He who performs 4 circles of Ishraq prayer, the Hellfire won't touch him"? And how Authentic is the Narration where it says: "the person who after Maghrib recites surah Az-Zilzall x15 in every unite after Al Fatiha, Allah will reduce the severuty of the grave and will make him steadfast on Sirat and what does it mean that the person will be raised one hundred levels in Paradise? Does that mean he will be admitted to Jannatul Firdaus? This is what I want to search for but I do not have courage anymore to do so by myself.

Also, I wished I can learn to accept religious criticism from non-Muslims so I can be relieved and to have courage to use Google even while I know the existence of critical websites.

My questions are:

1. How authentic is Tasbih prayer?
2. If one says that you will be raised one hundred levels in Paradise, does that mean you will be admitted to Jannatul Firdaus?
3. How do I learn to accept different opinions and religious criticism?
4. How authentic is this Narration which speaks about surah Az-Zilzall?

P.S. The reason I ask you is because I have strong desire of wanting to be admitted to Jannatul Firdaus after the Day of Judgment is finished. Plus, I want to find ways how I can erase my past and future sins;minor and major. And I got negatively effected by critical websites also. Anyways, I will not use Google for one year and I will find ways how to get rid in meanwhile the depression and fear I have.