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    Hold on to Islam...It BENEFITS

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    What's the point in practicing Islam if our trials not ending & we aren't sure about its truth?Will things ease out if we stop practicing or leave Islam itself?

    In The Name Of Allah
    Praise be to Allah.
    May Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Mohammed and his family and companions!

    Muslim brothers & sisters in Islam,

    Firstly : Islam is the only truthful religion that has no comparable from its opponents & it's compatibility with the modern world.Check out this site to know what an astoundingly true Deen we are blessed with.
    Miraclesofthequran. Com

    We proceed:

    Indeed these are very difficult times & the times that seems like the ones as described in Hadeeth of Prophet 'Sal Allah hu alayhe wasallam as:

    " A time of patience will come to people in which adhering to one’s religion is like grasping a hot coal.”

    We are badly TESTED with fitan upon fitan like Khawarij fitan& other fitan in Deen one after anothe like duhayma,with total ignorant deviants like Sufi Bidatis& Brelvis & crimes with Fahsha,wars,hunger,wounds in warzones waswas,psychological tortures like bipolar etc,terrible sihr & horrible jinn possessions,poverty,physical illnesses,marriage problems,broken families,natural calamities & deaths with beginning of either life in paradise or hell ULTIMATELY,Allah forbid!

    Islam is a beautiful & true religion.It neither stops you from eating good,wearing good clothes,happy halal stuff& dreaming BIG,Alhamdul'ILLAH like beautiful aims for deen/dunya & hereafter.No worries if you are unable to do lot of good deeds in hardest trying times,as long as you are keeping to good deeds- it's all ok.Allah is going to help us in our hardships,condition being if we were good Muslims in those easy days.

    Ask on Muslim forums.How many got tested like you & have been outta trials by the Grace of Allah when the time came!

    ALLAH's Promise is True to us believers but only that we become patient& see signs of His blessings amongst which Islam the most& auspicious blessing -Islam that is 100%verified from science history other religious scriptures on nature,from the Ahadeeth about predictions in end times,Quran's unmatchable literary beauty⁢'s miraculous preservation since centuries& much more things proved.What a beautiful Deen we have been blessed with & a beautiful reward awaits us in both the worlds for being steadfast.Atleast ask Allah SWT to make you patient,brothers & dear sisters.

    The happy stories are out oh Muslims.Stop your self from being pessimist& know this sister is herself going through toughest times but Allah SWT is Forgiving & Generous & He is for us all!

    Islam is not the cause of your sorrow.It's beautifully easy religion & we got to pay its price for coming in our lives so easily.
    Allah has promised rewards in both lives.If only we be a bit more patient-Maybe?Maybe we should think positive of end of trials in high ranks in Jannah,leadership opportunities in deen,joy in Allah's worship & off and on good true dream?Well yes!

    Duhayma Fitan Ahadeeth & bit of explanation

    We are in the times of duhayma fitan.Its a long fitan & the hadeeth states it like :

    "...........Then, the Duhaima (Dark & Cunning that catches people off guard) Fitna (strife, trial & tribulations) that will not leave anyone without slapping him a slap (testing his faith); if people say it is finished, it stays longer; a man who is in the morning a Mu'min (Believer) by the the evening becomes a Kafir (Disbeliever), until people will be divided into two factions: a faction of Iman (faithfulness in belief) without hypocrisy and a faction of hypocrisy without Iman (faithfulness in and a faction of hypocrisy without Iman (faithfulness in belief). When this happens, expect the (Fitna of) Dajjal that day or the next day'."

    (Sunan Abu Dawud, Al-Haakim, and Al-Zahabi)

    Allah SWT says:

    "Who despairs of mercy of ALLAH except for disbelievers?"

    So,hopefulness,positivity,gratitude & Duas with good opinion about Allah SWT as RasulAllah Sal Allah hu alayhe wasallam' told us:

    "Thinking well of Allah is an excellent act of Ibadah"

    So,cheer up& shut up that cursed idiot' shaytan that wants you to give up like he did himself,with his bad opinion of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.You are a slave of Allah Almighty,so keep your head high with His Love!

    People are going through tests& big trials.We are tested with waswas,Big calamities & doubts.In this fitan,as we understand people of doubt & fitan will fail.Its a cleaner amongst us.We will be sifted in this as momin or munafiq towards its end & it's end is around the fitan of dajjal.

    Indeed we have seen people giving up practicing deen,in some ways,they abandoned Deen& became amongst kuffar .Allah forbid this for us all.Its very scary but not to forget that if we keep to Deen,rewards are also big & ALLAH'S mercy also descends upon us,again-condition being,we don't give up& realize that knowledge about Islam's truthful proofs & trying best to not be pessimistic about your situation & keeping hope that Allah SWT will gift you good reward on both lives.Its basically pessimism that leads to all crookedness& being people of "doubt&fitan"

    Trust me,I have been affected with fitan,trials upon trials but I would say Allah SWT is indeed very Forgiving & Generous to me still & this is told to you to keep to Islam & good deeds.Even though my imaan suffers from blows upon blows & yet Allah SWT never stops giving me good truthful dreams & awesome hope for hereafter.He's not going to force us to keep to Deen but will not let go of our imaan & good deeds that easily.He is All Good& after my severe 15 years old trials,I feel I wouldn't like to leave Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ever even though I lost everything but I found out Allah is Beautiful in Actions& is bringing relief too.

    Praising Allah be our first & last breath

    And the end of our prayer is:

    "Praise be to Allah,
    The Rabb of the Worlds"
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