O Muslims!

Why are you so negligent toward your religion?

You leave the quran in dust, you only read it in Ramadan, and if you were to read it, you would read it as if you read newspaper! Why don't you ponder over its meaning? Why do you listen to music when it is haram? Why you keep your earbud 24/7, such that when you take it off, you feel stressed, as if you are slave of music and not Allah!

You work hard on worldly matters sincerely, yet you are careless in your salat, you rush to finish it. You prostrate quick like chicken when it eats, don't you know you work for hours, while salat takes less time?

You don't learn the most essential yet basic islamic science that is to know who Allah is, by memorziing His beauitful names and knowing His attributes, yet when it comes to your favorite sport teams whether football or cricket, you could know every names of players! This is the reason, we do not find happiness, due to lack of knowledge about Allah.

You complain alot about how you live, you complain that you don't have lamborghini, big mansion and iphone, while you forgot that you are given what million of people wish to have, that is foods and drink which many people are deprived of. You are able to breath whereas among you, there are many who suffer from breathing problem. You complain that your wife is not beauitful when you compare her to other women, yet you don't realise that she is righteous who could teach your children in islamic way, while these other women may turn out to be evildoers.

You act good mannered with your friends, more so with best friend, whenever they need something, you immediately give them. Yet you are undutiful to your parents, when they have sacrificed their lives taking care of you. You kept crying when you were baby, which kept them awake during night's now they turned old and it is your turn to take care of them.

You claim you love Prophet peace be upon him, yet you don't follow his Sunan. You shave your beard when you are able to do so. You don't recite durood, even on Friday.
You don't feel anyrging when the name of Prophet peace be upon him is insulted by the enemies of Islam. Yet you feel angry when someone insults your best friend or your favorite celebrity.

You think you can do something alone and try to be successful by working hard, but you fail to realize that your affair is controlled by Allah. You don't put your trust in Him and make duas to Him to make you succeed. Whenever you feel you are in impossible situation, you fail to realize the greatness of Allah, instead of turning to Him. You turn to helpless and pathetic human beings who can't do anything, and as well may not act sincerely with you.

When you are blessed, you boast, not realizing that everything belongs to Allah. You should know one of lesson of surah kahf which you read every Friday, the person who boasted about his garden, until Allah took it away from him. So If you don't give thanks, it may be that you face same fate as of the man.

O Muslims, strive to change yourself to be better Muslim. Do not wait idly for another Ramadan to come, when you never know if you will die in your sleep!

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. Surah 13:11