Salam Alaykum,

I am a UI/Graphic Designer. I used to edit images but stopped doing it when I found that pictures are haram in Islam. Now I edit the images of the product selling on different online marketplaces like Amazon. A client of mine asked me to work on the images of a product that is used to cut pig meat, The same tool can also be used to make beef or mutton but I know that he is going to sell this product as a tool for pig meat for sure.
In this situation, is it haram for me to work on these images? because in the end, the images are going to be the reason for selling something which is going to be used for something Haram.
Please guide me with a reference if possible.

I am working with this client for the last 2 years so it would be difficult to say a direct NO. If possible please also write how to tackle this kind of situation.