I've heard that one who gives into waswaas durinh salah invalidates it. I try to just continue with the salah...cos praying once already feels hard to me. Doing it again and again seems lile itll definitely make me not want to pray. Not to mention I take a lot of time while praying and doing wudhu. I feel like I don give my loved ones enough time. Plus I want to create a good impression of Islam for them. I dont want to come off as extremist (we have...a strange relationship w religion in our family) who just prays. I dont mean to be rude or hurt anyones feelings. I just feel alone cos its only me who prays in my family. i dont really have anyone close to islam who can help me with these problems. I dunno. I just feel overwhelmed. like I'm not giving enough to Allah or to my loved ones or even myself at times. I try to tell myself it's okay. Allah is watching He sees your trying. but I even trying hard enough?
I do believe islam is a beautiful religion. what it is built upon, how it's written. even Salah is beautiful. but when it comes to doing it...I just feel like there so much I need to be careful of. and my concentration is horrible(this doesn't just apply to salah). I dont know what to do.
anything that helped you in a similar situation that could help?
I could really use some help...I'd appreciate any advice
love yall♡♡