There has been an increasing amount of anti-Islamic propaganda on the internet. Sometimes when I search for a topic I'm interested in I see some contradicting evidence against the Prophet (pbuh).

This led me to a whole lot of anti-Islamic sites and after about two weeks I finally made the assessment that a lot of historical evidence is missing from these people's claims, they fabricate their own hadiths, quote quran out of context, or history itself was fabricated starting at the time of Mohommed.

Another issue is the massacres reported by many historical authorities. These things, which I am no longer sure of their authenticity such as 1.5 million Christians killin in 1915 by Turkish Muslims. There are many more, and the alleged Islamic slave trade.

Now what I've come to realize and learn the whole time I was misled was actually a valuable lesson, and the reason for this post is to ask you guys about why there is such a split contrast.

On one hand you have some historians, and documents that depict Islam and Mohommed (pbuh) as a horrible thing. This includes some hadiths, that when picked selectively can appear to be very disturbing.

Than the other side are words of wisdom that I ahve applied to my life and received the fruits of their knowledge from experience! And who said these pearls of insight? The prophet (pbuh), and the stories that are ALSO authenticated by the same hadiths, but from a study of them in whole, not selectively picked.

All in all I think something needs to be done because I'm muslim myself and it's easy to go astray, imagine all the other Muslims that are being led astray because of a google search and ending up on the wrong website? And all the new muslims that go online only to find anti-Islamic websites.

I know Allah guides those that he chooses, but we still need to make an effort to fight dis-information!

Oh, can anyone point me to the prophetic saying of the prophet, specifically related to the Ummah becoming weak and then rising up again?