The Ripple Effect: "It's through actions of peace that peace is spread."

Can a small group of people make a difference in the world?
Yes! - We at The Everest Peace Project believe that we can. How?

People are affected and inspired by the images they see and the stories they read. Our Everest Climb for Peace will provide the world with inspirational stories, pictures, and videos that portray courage, friendship and teamwork under some of the most extreme conditions. Our Everest expedition will last 65 days in which we will be living together in close quarters (small tents), and working cooperatively under incredibly difficult circumstances (rain, sleet, snow, hurricane force winds - at an elevation that passenger jets fly!); at times our lives will literally be in each other's hands, roped together dependent on each other for our very survival. Our success will solely depend on us all working together as a team and yet our climbing team is made up with people that are supposed to hate each other! Our Peace Climbers are perhaps the most diverse group of people ever assembled on an Everest expedition. We will be making world history by uniting Palestinian and Israelis on Mt. Everest. Represented will be people from 5 major faith traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism) - there is even an atheist on our team!

We strongly believe that through our example of teamwork and friendship our multi-cultural team can inspire and motivate people to similar acts of peace and teamwork, which they can bring to their own local communities. We feel that people will look to our Everest Climb for Peace as an inspirational example of the extraordinary things that normal men and women can achieve when working together and striving for a common goal. I guess you could say we are climbing Mt. Everest to motivate others to climb their own personal Everest. If people can look to our "Peace Climbers" and think, "hey if those guys from various faiths and nations can unite and overcome their religious and cultural differences and together reach the top of the world - then maybe I can overcome my own personal obstacles in life."

It's through actions of peace that peace is spread - and we believe that our Everest Climb for Peace will inspire and motivate others to achieve incredible things.