Salam alaikum sisters and brothers

for the past few days i have been wondering, how is it that i never knew nothing about the events going in the middle east, when i was younger like 10 ( 20 now) i heard the common saying " peace in the middle east" but i acctually thought that America was the east

and then in 2001 i hear on the news about bin laden and Afghanistan and there ties with 9/11 but yet we are at war with Iraq, and

for past year or so, i have been seeing signs and posters with the bold letters with " Free Palestine" and

and finally we reach the Israel and lebanon attacks

I want to blame the media for not reporting facts but maybe i should be blaming myself for not educating myself that

Islam teaches us that we should educate ourselves and that Allah loves those who educate themselves

so i challenge all of you who read this to educate themselves on a daily basis not just about islam but about what's going on around you, but weather, you know it or not............ the day of judgement is coming and someone has done me favor and show me one of the signs that is going on right now