Channeled WW2 German General Sets the Record Straight on Nazi Motivations

The following channeled material was received on Tuesday, January 23, 1996. Apparently a certain German general (and I didn't get his name) wanted to set the record straight. There is a reason for the material being presented in the way it is presented and with the words and feelings used. If you find that emotions are stirring because of something said in this material, allow those feelings to privately flow in whatever form is most comfortable for you: Writing in a journal, expressing yourself verbally or through movement, or in whatever manner you feel will help you acknowledge, accept, and move through those feelings.

If you find you wish to express those feelings to someone else (including the channeler), take a considerable amount of time before doing so, especially if you find that your emotions are tending toward anger or other such emotions. It is vitally important that you allow yourself to feel your feelings; it is not necessarily vitally important that you express those feelings to other people. If you are just learning to allow your emotions to flow, it can be difficult to discern which emotions are best kept to oneself, and which are appropriately expressed to others (and who it is appropriate to express them to). Refer to the bibliography for a list of works that can provide some illumination in this very tricky area.

The channeling started when I was wondering why so many Nazis went to South America.

Table of Contents
# Why Argentina?
# A deep magic is performed
# Betrayal was built into the magic
# The Germans invade
# Customs officials take bribes of real gold
# McCarthy's witch hunts were misguided
# The nature of freedom
# The role of television and education
# The third wave: The baby boomers
# On Vietnam, and why JFK was shot
# The process of denial
# The Germans' original cause
# The nature of Love
# The General's sorrow
# The pitiless light
# The next evolutionary step is delayed
# The General confesses
# More on the Germans' original cause
# The Germans reach their breaking point
# The Nazi death toll and goal
# Detecting evil
# The lost children
# Those who were killed are also part of the same spirit family
# More on how denial works
# Unloving essence on the World Wide Web
# Advice to loving essence on the World Wide Web

Note that everything between the rainbow lines (also represented by horizontal rules or a line like this: *~~*~~*~~*~~* etc.) is channeled material,with the exception of material within [brackets], which constitutes editorial comments or additions, or headings I've added to help you move through the material.

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