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Story of a Brilliant Student

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    Story of a Brilliant Student

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    The following story was narrated by Professor Anwar, who teaches in the Ryerson University located in Toronto, Canada. He said that during his student life, he was studying at an university in Bangladesh. There, he had a good friend who was very intelligent. This friend was the only child of his family. Everyone used to look upto his great future. And they were right, he graduated with the highest mark in his field. Immediately, calls came for him from big companies. One day, Dr. Anwar was requested by his friend to accompany him to one such companies for an interview. They were going by riding on a motor cycle. On the way, a speeding truck couldn't manage itself and hit their motor cycle from the back. At that collision, Dr. Anwar flew off the motor cycle and fell on the side of the street. But his friend got hit from another vehicle that was coming from the opposite side and died instantly.

    Here was a person who was at the peek of material success in this world but little did he know that his death was just around the corner. We have spent much of our time preparing for the life before death, but how much time have we spent preparing for the everlasting life after death?

    Story of a Brilliant Student

    :bravo: LIBAN:bravo:
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    Re: Story of a Brilliant Student

    gud story... a nyc reminder

    May Allah 4give his sins and grnt him Jannah

    Story of a Brilliant Student

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