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att:muslims in europe

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    att:muslims in europe

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    I'm doin an article on Muslims in Europe. Would really appreciate your feedback by answering these three questions:

    1. Do you feel you are an essential part of Europe?
    2. How do you see yourself contributing to western civilization?
    3.What do you think is stopping Muslim youth from integrating into their surrounding in UK and Europe?
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    Re: att:muslims in europe

    Do Americans count? lol

    Well I guess not since the question itself is strictly in surroundings of Europe....

    But if it had been US...

    1. Me as and Individual or as muslim society? Either way... not yet... Well perhaps more of a negative image than anything else... especially with this whole 9/11 tragedy. Being a New Yorker... 9/11 totally changed everything here... but alhumdulillah people of New York aren't too ignorant as the rest of the states.
    2. Personally, not enough... the only contribution I have right now is limited to this forum... but I was the VP of MSA in college... and as a muslim society in America, I believe ISNA and ICNA are doing a good job...
    3. I don't think anything is stoping muslims in the US... It's all on their own personal choice.

    Totally irrelevant to your research! lol
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