Those who do not ask know all the answers!

Life is so crowded with every day things that it takes a great effort to just step aside and think. Society is so preoccupied in itself that the upheld values of charity, kindness, warmth, morality and ethics all seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. In an increasing environment of ethical turmoil, people have become disillusioned; trust has turned to distrust, compassion to anger and generosity into miserliness. A few may take their own life to escape, but the majority will send their fears to the back of their minds with the shameless hope that they will not have to think about them. But these things cannot be ignored for they are an intrinsic part of man's existence. Pondering upon things will open one's mind to the true realities of life and give us the answers. Questioning is the bedrock of man's progress, for without this the human race will stagnate. Science has progressed by questioning the environment. It was writers like Rousseau that questioned the integrity of the oppressive Church rule, which led to the French Revolution and liberated man from the shackles of blind faith.

To believe in something without certainty is like a traveller not knowing his destination, a talent best left to the foolish. Blind faith still continues for people do not question the instilled beliefs that they hold. This will result in an ethically backward and degenerative society. Material and scientific progress is not true progress. Countries like America are materially wealthy, but ethically bankrupt and riddled with crime. Dog eats dog is still the order of the day.

True progress can only be obtained through contemplating life not by just judging the reality of the situation on first impressions, but in an enlightened manner; for “snap” judgements are like casting a fish net with great enthusiasm and then prematurely hauling in the net. A lot of seaweed and broken shells may come up, but hardly any fish.

We must therefore examine life and all that relates to it, i.e. what was before what is to follow and its relationship with the present. Only by questioning his existence will man truly understand his relationship within the tapestry of the universe. Questions like, 'Where did I come from?' 'What is the purpose of my life?' and 'What happens to me when I die?' are fundamental to man's existence. Satisfactorily and rationally providing answers to these questions will give human beings their correct purpose in life. Without comprehensive answers to these questions, man will drift aimlessly from situation to situation with the only basis for his actions being his instincts; hence the problem of society and the world today. These questions cannot be answered by fanciful philosophies or science. Philosophy merely flirts with these questions never really attempting to answer them properly. One question is 'answered' by another question, eventually leading to an endless spiral of questions and paralysis of thought. The world is full of 'peacock' philosophers who are not interested in answers, but are engrossed in admiring their own feathers.

Science tells us that all living things, including man, were a result of chemical reactions. “Give me the elements” boasted Descartes, "and I will construct the universe!" Yet science avoids the obvious question, 'Where did these chemicals originate from?' highlighting its inadequacies in such manners. Looking beyond its thinly disguised 'intellectual facade' reveals the uncertainty of "ifs", "buts" and "maybes", the building block of all theories. The failure of science is that although it may observe the reality, its theories are deep rooted in assumptions. We need to answer these questions in a manner that leaves no room for doubt; therefore, we cannot base our lives on something theoretical, emotional or unreal.

There is a system that answers these fundamental questions in a holistic and enlightened manner. The answers that it provides agree with the reality because its basis and proof are rational. It abhors blind faith and provides human beings with the certainty that we seek by our very nature. It deals with the human condition comprehensively and provides a complete system for life's affairs. That system is ISLAM.