Market in place of Madrassa

TINSUKIA, July 28: Loopholes in the process of allotment of government land has been detected in Tinsukia recently. One of the explicit examples is the construction of a market over government land allotted for a madrassa situated near Rangagorah road in Tinsukia town.
According to sources, a madrassa existed in this land, many years ago. A musafir khana was also there where visitors from far off places could stay. But as time passed a market was built at the spot, but surprisingly it failed to catch the notice of the Tinsukia development authority.
When the chairman of Tinsukia development authority was asked to furnish details, he replied that the documents related to the allotment were being searched for.
As per details available, the Tinsukia Municipal Board is preparing to allot licences to some shops inside the market complex in order to recognize their legality. The district Land Revenue Department has asked the Tinsukia Municipal Board to furnish information about this disputed land.
According to information sources from the Revenue Department, the land over which the market complex has been constructed by the government, was proposed for the construction of a madrassa. According to government documents, the said land is a government land, and the Tinsukia Development Authority had given permission for the construction of a market complex.
It will now be interesting to see how the Tinsukia Development Authority, which has started demolition of illegal constructions in the town is going to take action against the very market complex it had built.