Some will ask,''So what''? Sould we realy bother whether God is or is not,or is the question merel an academic one,attracting only the interest of theologians and philosophcal theoreticans? What is the relevance of the existence or nonrxistence of God and the practical implications of his existence (or nonexistence) for human society?Assuming,God is,and that he is the Ultimate Creator,a study of his creation immediately shows that we human beings stand out in clear distinction from the rest of the creation that we have so far been able to study.From atom to galaxy,all are obedient to the laws governing them.Our constituent atoms and molecules are the same laws.As they become more complex and form nucleic acid (the self-replicating molecules which is the basic ingredient of life),chemistry merges with biology,which also obeys its own laws.In this respect we are astonishigly similar to higter animals