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Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits

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    Black Cumin Seed Oil | Free Shipping

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    Welcome to my black cumin seed oil forum post. I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Minnesota. I have Hodgkins Lymphoma and I got diagnosed when I was 14 years old. I suffered so much for so long and I had it for around 12 years on and off and straight for the last 7 years. I tried all the natural remedies I know about for the last 7 years. I will explain the details of my experience towards the end of this post.

    A brand of black cumin seed oil I advice using is called theblessedseed: https://theblessedseed.com/ref/48

    I like them because they offer free worldwide shipping, and they package the oil in class bottles which is better for preservation of the benefits of black cumin seed oil.

    Black cumin seed oil

    Black cumin seed oil is the oil that comes out of the seed of the herb. The whole herb of the black seeds looks like little black seeds and the oil looks similar to olive oil or of a little darker version of that or nearly the same. It has been used for thousands of years as well as the whole seeds and according to websites that I read online it has even been found in Timbuktu's tomb.

    The main healing ingredient found in black seed oil called THYMOQUINONE as we stated, which is a tricky word to spell and pronounce but it is the main thing found within this tiny and powerful seed that give it its benefits. It is also found to have anti inflammatory effects as well as pain killing properties.

    I would like to go over a few conditions and black cumin seed oil benefits and conditions that have been found to be treatable or possibly even curable with black seed oil and I will go over the remedies that maybe used to treat the various conditions. But I must note that these remedies are not tested by doctors or scientists so you are at your own discretion.

    What can Black Seed Oil help treat?

    Thymoquinone can help fight the negative effects of a poor diet, harmful drugs, and environmental pollution – all of these things can generate free radicals. A excess of Free Radicals would result to Oxidative Stress, Which Can cause the following conditions:

    -Heart disease

    -A weakened immune system

    -Parkinson’s disease

    -Rheumatoid arthritis

    -Alzheimer’s disease



    -And the dreaded Cancer: which I currently have had since the age of fourteen and I am twenty seven years old now. I feel like twelve years of my life have been stolen from me and my state of mind feels frozen in time at the age that I was diagnosed with this disease. The form of cancer that I was diagnosed with is called Hodgkin's Lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymph nodes, but I will talk about my experience a bit latter.

    Other black cumin seed oil benefits are:


    -NIGELLON- which has been discovered to be good for respiratory disorders such as asthma and whooping cough. Researchers have stated that it has antihistamine effects similar to thymoquinone.

    -SAPONIN MELATHIN- which is found to be good for removing parasites and cleaning the insides.

    -BETA-SISTEROL which is found to be helpful in reducing high cholesterol and for its anti-tumor effects.

    -VITAMIN B2 which is needed by the humanbody to use oxygen and for the metabolism of amino acids, fatty acids, and carbohydrates.

    -Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

    -Niacin (Vitamin B3)


    -B-CAROTENE which is converted by the liver to vitamin-A and that is a vitamin known for its anticancer effects.

    -ARGININE which is something that helps boost the immune system as well as increase growth hormone and reduces erectile dysfunction.

    The Black Seed also has a small source of calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium but can't be used on its own to get the required amounts of those vitamins and minerals.

    The question is, what is the usage of black seed oil for various conditions? Many herbalists or naturopathic doctors have their own usage depending on the condition but it doesn't mean that each and every herbalist or natural medicine doctor will give you the exact same usage. What I noticed is that people seem to think that one size fits all regardless of the condition.

    For example, someone with stage 4 Cancer should take the same dosage as someone with a cold. And that is simply insane and stupid, and I always had a issue with medical doctors or natural health shops when they prescribe the same usage for all conditions.

    Rather, each disease or condition has its own usage and you should not take just the oil by itself but should combine with other herbs or spices or foods in order for the oil to do its maximum job possible.

    Here are some possible usages for various conditions that found on a black cumin seed oil seller's website, but please note: that I have never tested these remedies myself and they may not be tested by medical research so I can not say for sure if they will work or not. but many times when you are so desperate due to a chronic long lasting condition you will try anything and that's what happened with me with my Hodgkin's lymphoma that I have.

    Additional Black cumin seed oil benefits and remedies:

    Asthma: Take one teaspoon of high grade black seed oil (which I think means dark colored) daily with one teaspoon of raw honey.

    Beard Growth: Apply the oil on the face and make sure you reach the roots. But if you are hairless like a baby's bottom you will reach the roots with no issues because there is no roots from the first place.

    Diarrhea: Mix 1 teaspoon of black seed oil with Glutamine powder of 5 grams 2x daily

    Dry Cough: Ginger tea: Drinking ginger tea when you have a cough can help to boost your immune system and fight the infection that’s causing the symptom. Make some ginger tea and add organic honey and a teaspoon or two of black seed oil and drink 2-3 times a day.

    My personal experience has been that organic olive oil helps reduce the pain of the throat and cold symptoms. So you could take 1 tablespoon of olive oil and then take 1 teaspoon of black seed oil after a hour. Also you could mix equal amounts of raw honey and black seed oil together and take twice a day but I never tried this one myself.

    Flu and Colds: Place one drop in each nostril and let it go in your nose. Also take one teaspoon of black seed oil with 1 teaspoon of honey 1/2 hour before breakfast. And a tablespoon of olive oil a hour after that.

    High Blood Pressure: Take two teaspoons daily with honey until the pressure normalizes and then reduce to 1 teaspoon daily. You must continue with the black seed oil and not stop. ( I had extremely high blood pressure and my doctor was going to put me on high pressure medicine at the age of 21. I was eating a tablespoon of the whole black seed whole herb daily and after a year, I checked my pressure at the doctor and it was totally normal and stayed down even after stopping the seeds)

    Immunity: Two teaspoons of black seed oil daily with equal amounts of honey and then reduce back to one teaspoon. This treatment must be taken for life and consider it as a daily health vitamin. (Based on my own personal experience with a very severally weak immune system. I always get sick a lot simply by sick people passing by my room that would make me sick nearly right away; that's how weak my immune system is. And I read that vitamin zinc helps boost the immune system, so I bought a bottle from Walgreen and indeed I did feel a improvement with getting sick less often. And the colds would be less deadly because I literally would feel I would die from it because its so severe but with the daily zinc vitamin I felt a improvement.

    Cancer: there are studies done on rats which indicate black cumin seed oil and the whole seeds have anti-cancer affects.

    Cancer has really ruined my life and stole those years away from me and made me unable to work and I did not continue school or university after being sick. I did however, study 3 semesters of religion at a online university but I did not get my degree and I had to stop due to my health. Currently, while I type this article there is many lumps or bumps on my body and I have a large mass on the left side of my breast and the nipple as well and its hard. I also have severe itchiness for seven years now and I have stopped all chemo and radiation treatment for 7 years now.

    I have tried so many different type of remedies, herbs, and spices like ginger,curry powder,green tea, honey, black seed whole herb, black seed oil, cumin, flaxseed, wheat grass, royal jelly, oregano tea, daily large bowl of lattice, habanero powder- (which caused me a severe ulcer that I have had for nearly a year now),cayenne powder, 16oz of carrot juice daily for nearly a year, and some other things.

    Cut all sugar foods COMPLETELY- saying a small bite won't hurt doesn't fly with this horrible disease.

    No fast food foods - you must eat
    home cooked food with low beef intake and better yet cut it out all together and pork is not acceptable at all.

    Drink a 16oz organic oregano tea that you make by buying dried oregano leaves and simply boil some water and let the oregano leaves sit in it overnight and drink that the first thing you drink every morning.

    Eat two peeled apples after you drink the tea- Do not eat the skin if all apples have chemicals or wax on them.

    Right after lunch while you are still full take two capsules of cayenne pepper that you fill into gelatin capsules. If you have severe heartburn or ulcers you need to take antacid before taking this.

    Rub DARK colored black seed oil on the spots of the tumors if they are on the surface of your body and cover the spot with the cover of a vitamin bottle that is made from plastic and tape it. This way the oil won't get rubbed off and will continue get absorbed by the body. If the tumors are not on the surface then take 2 teaspoons of the oil the first thing you wake up on a empty stomach.

    I noticed my tumors got bigger using honey. And I firmly believe no honey is organic and all honey has fake sugar in it.

    Do not take any juice sold in stores either even if it says 100% juice and no sugar. Its all lies and all of them have sugar!
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