Study of the Seerah Umrah Trip

Date: 13th - 25th August 09 (includes part of Ramadan)

Lecturers: Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad and other Scholars and Students of Knowledge
Open to Brothers Only

Do you remember the first time you read about the battle of Uhud? Or when you heard that the people of Taif threw stones at our beloved Prophet (SAW) because he was calling them to Worshipping Allah alone?

What about when you read about the reward of visiting Masjid Quba from masjid Nabwi in a state of Whudu?

And then finally, when you heard that an Umra in Ramadan is equal in reward to Hajj!!!

What if you were told that you could go through the Seerah of our beloved Messenger (saw) on site?!! What about hearing these narrations in the very places they were narrated over 1400 years ago...

What about standing on the mountain Uhud learning about the battle of Uhud?

What you will learn

  • Principles relating to the Seerah
  • Lessons from the Prophet sallalahu alayhe wasallam's visit to Taif
  • If there are different definitions of a word according to the language, sharia, custom etc – which one do we take?
  • The Style of the Quran – is it poetry, prose?
  • What are the linguistic miracles of the Quran?
  • Can rulings be derived from translations of the Quran?
Excursion Price: £1100 (initial non-refundable deposit of £350 required - full payment required by 29/06/09)

Price Includes

  • Return Airfare (from London)
  • Visa
  • Full Transportation
  • Hotels in Makkah and Madina (on quad share basis)
  • Ziyarah in Makkah and Madina
  • Breakfast at Hotels
  • Course Notes

More Information can be found here
An opportunity NOT to be missed!