FOSIS Presents:


by Sidi Moez Masoud*

A series of inspiring talks in different parts of the UK given
just before Ramadan to young students about to start university.
The events are sponsored by Islamic Relief.

Dates and Locations:

Monday 26th September - University of Surrey
Tuesday 27th September - University of Leicester
Wednesday 28th September - Dublin, Ireland
Thursday 29th September - University of Liverpool
Friday 30th September - University of Dundee
Saturday 1st October - University of Cardiff
Sunday 2nd October - University of Luton

* Moez Masoud was brought up in the American schools of Kuwait
and Egypt as a 4.0 GPA student until he took up a lifestyle of
excessive partying – the kind that took the lives of three of
his close friends. After facing two near-death experiences
himself, his previously nonchalant, or even rebellious attitude
towards religion changed drastically as his heart opened up to
the Qur’an and his soul was overcome by God’s presence. Currently
a student of Islamic sciences under renowned traditional scholars,
Moez also works as an advertising freelancer in Egypt where he
lives with his wife and son. His most recent TV show, 'Stairway
to Paradise', airs worldwide on ART International and Iqraa.

For more details please contact:
E-mail: mostafa[at]
Tel: 07884 432 030