Assalamu 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Presented by our host Atsiz, this episode features Dr. Sohaib Saeed (@tafsirdoctor), who is a graduate of Al Azhar University & SOAS. Based in Glasgow, he is the Director of CASQI and the Research Head for Bayyinah institute. He is also the award-winning translator of Al-Razi's Great Exegesis (Al-Tafsir Al-Kabir).

In part one, Dr. Sohaib begins by defining the purpose of the Qur'an and the utility it provides for mankind. He then distills the ideas around “mere recitation” and how the Quran should actually be recited with understanding. Our speaker discusses the topic of contemplation and reflection along with the failure to make the Quran "alive" for Muslim communities. Central to the idea of the Qur'an being a form of communication, the concept of consciousness is introduced. Finally, the nature of translations and the idea of building consistency are addressed.

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