Why don't you realize the force and might that God has placed upon yourself [in his command]?
Everything that has happened to you is out of your control.
You are able to think, but did you cause the brain to work?
Did you create the brain?

You do not like to be ill.
But when you become ill, who afflicted you with it?
When your illness heals, Who heals it?
At times, without having met a doctor and received medicine, can the illness heal without 'one' who cures it?
Illness and recovery are from God, don't you understand?

You do not like to be poor.
If you have power, you won't allow yourself to be poor.
Definitely you will make yourself rich, right?
So, don't you see it's the work of God alone?

You are sleepy, does it come from your desire?
You become fresh again, does it come from your own decision?
Aren't they resulting from God's destiny?
Or do you reckon that they merely occur coincidentally?

If you are able to think, you will realize that within yourself there is the sign of God's power.
You won't be able to manage yourself but He will.
Moreover if you are able to think further of the creation of this immense universe, You will see more of the might of God and His greatness.
Hence, return to Him and do not go against Him,
We will be safe..