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A nice poem

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    A nice poem

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    All praise is due to Allah
    In each and every case
    The All Present without a place
    He whom the navigation of imagination can never trace
    He whos bounties upon us no man can replace
    He who is high above all beings in His grace
    He wo created everything, on earth and in space
    He whos mercy reaches every creed and race
    And on Judgement Day every man shall face

    And peace and blessings on the trustworthy one
    The greatest man to ever stand under the sun
    Through whom the Creator's last message had come
    Muhammad, our father Adam's holiest son
    For us like a light in the darkness of night
    Sent to mankind, to teach us the wrong from the right
    The black from the white, and the dull from the bright
    For the darkness of hearts, and the blindness of sight

    And upon His holy Progeny blessings and peace
    Through whom the wisdom and knowledge of mankind increased
    Through whos pleasure the mercy of God is released
    Like the sun breaking dawn, rising up from the east

    Great is Allah, exalted is He
    How mislead are they, that say He is three?
    And those disbelievers in God, don't they see
    The miracle of picking a fruit from a tree?
    Or think of their honey? Who orders the bee?
    Who orders the wind to push ships out at sea?
    Who created a her to complete every he?
    Who gives us our bread? Who gives us our tea?
    Who gave us two choices and told us we're free?
    And we disobey. How ungrateful are we?

    It is He, the All Knowing, All Seeing, All Wise
    It is He who created the earth and the skies
    It is He who decides who lives and who dies
    It is He who rewards with the infinite prize
    All knowing, though not through the sending of spies
    All seeing, though not through creation of eyes
    All hearing, though not through community ties
    All Mighty, though not through description or size

    It is He who created the bees and the flies
    And the girls and the guys, and the birds in the skies
    And their beautiful cries, praising God in disguise
    As to justify wrath upon he who denies.
    Aware of the acts of what walks and what flies
    What swims and what lies, what runs and what dries
    It is He who illuminates truth from the lies
    And every dark path so we praise the All Wise.

    He is therefore the giver of all we receive
    The giver of life which we one day shall leave
    To lay in our grave, while our loved ones all grieve
    And we shall be asked "what did you achieve"?
    In that is a lesson for those who believe.
    To keep in mind a recollection of your resurrection
    In order to walk in this life with direction
    Remeber His punishment,Beg for protection
    Ask for His mercy, and seek His affection
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    Re: A nice poem

    Man dats a lon poem,.
    A nice poem

    I turn 2 U ma hrt ful of Shame n ma Eyes ful of Tears.....

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    Re: A nice poem

    its cool MAsha'Allah
    Last edited by Najiullah; 05-26-2006 at 06:30 AM.
    A nice poem

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