Faqeeh Abul-Laith Samarqandi, May ALLha have mercy on Him, says:
Allah Ta'ala bestows four honours upon a persn who restrics His worldly hopes:-

* grants Him the power to indulge in devotions.

* grants Him relief from worries.

* makes Him content with small provision.

* illuminates His heart.

The 'Ulamaa (Scholars) say that four things enlighten a man's heart (with Noor/Light):-

* an empty stomach.

* associating with the pious.

* remorse over past sins.

* restricting worldly hopes.

The 'Ulamaa say Allah punishes Him who entertains high hopes about His distant future with four types of affliction:-

* makes Him neglect the acts of devotion.

* increases His worries about worldly things.

* makes Him ever greedy and anxious for an increase in wealth.

* deprives His heart of mercy and compassion.

The 'Ulamaa say that four things breed heard-heartedness:-

* eating too much.

* bad company.

* forgetfulness of one's sins.

* high hopes about the distant future.

Therefore, man must not have high expectations about the distant future, He should rather fear that He could breathe His last, the very next moment!