Hope you are all in the best state of your eman and health

If you don't know who I am visit this thread http://www.islamicboard.com/forum/re...AD%D8%A7%D9%86

To begin with as you may have noticed above is a new logo and design alhamdulilaah! There is still a masjid shape at the right and colour is mainly green to keep it the traditional IB spirit! After weeks of modifications and testing subhan Allah we have managed to complete this before ramadan. I will like to give special thanks to all the staff at IslamicBoard and especially brother Ibn Adam for his hard work . We have also changed the the bars to a more deeper green colour, this gives us more of the "older" feel like how it was before and also matches with the new design nicely. Also many other minor modifications around the forum. I know changes are weird lol, this will feel like home again soon enough

If you all have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to let us know.

Now for the July updates! Brothers and sisters please forgive us if we are at a slow pace, as this is a blessed month ramadan a time for worship and ibaadat.

- Many have said the forum speed is slow. We will have a server upgrade and try and get it to fast speed without causing any downtimes, outages etc.

- IslamicBoard is going to have a social media presence on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. I'm aware some of these social media may cause fitna however they will be strictly moderated, removing any unnecessary comments.

- Plan will be carried out to get the forum back with fruitful discussions again

I think that's it for now! These are the main targets for July, also we may make slight modifications to certain things on the forum.

I will keep you all in my duas, please keep me in yours. Have a blessed upcoming Ramadan! ​