Hope your in the best of health and emaan.


- Volunteers group and section added. Custom orange names and titles for Volunteers.
- Registration is now more simple. New members can register quickly and with ease, as well as preventing Spam accounts.
- There are no forum advertisements for Full members. Browse through IB Ad-free.
- We have added a Ramadhan countdown timer, to know how close we are getting to the blessed month.
- Quote notifications enabled. When someone quotes you in a post, you will get notified.
- Seasonal forums added for Ramadhan and Haramain Shareefain.
- Register to reply button for guests viewing forums.
- Mouseover on Forums is highlighted in yellow colour.

more exciting updates in the future. Any comments and suggestions you may have to improve the forum please let us know here. http://www.islamicboard.com/forum-help-and-feedback/