Remembrance Of ALLAH

'O believers! Remember ALLAH much. And glorify Him morning and evening.

It is He Who sends blessings on you and His angels too that He may bring you forth from darkness into light. And He is Merciful to the Muslims.

For them, the greeting at the time of their meeting is "Peace", and He has kept prepared for them an honourable reward

Surah Ahzaab Ayah 41 to 44

Abu Hurayrah Reported that messenger of ALLAH said:

There are 2 words which are light on the tongue and heavy on the scale and beloved to the most gracious, there are:

Subhanallahi Wa Be Ham Di hee

Subhanallah hil azeem

(Bukhari, Muslim)

Abu Hurayrah Reported that messenger of ALLAH said:

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, La ilaaha Illal laahu Wal laa hu akbar

is more beloved to me than everything the sun has risen over!


Sa'd said we were sitting with the messenger of ALLAH and he said:
Are any of you unable to to gain thousand good deeds each day?
Somebody then asked him, how does one a chieve one thousand good deeds? He replied
"He should say Subanallah 100 times"
for a thousand good deeds are recorded for him or a thousand bad deeds are wiped away"


Undoubtedly, Muslims men and women, and the believing men and women, and obedient men and women and truthful men and women and enduring men and women and humble men and women, and almsgiving men and women and fasting men and women, and men and women who guard their chastity and men and women who remember ALLAH much, for all of them ALLAH has kept prepared forgiveness and great reward.
Surah Ahzaab Ayah 35