Indeed Allaah has given the Qur’aan numerous names, from them: The Qur’aan, the Furqaan, the Kitaab, the Tanzeel, and all of these are supported by evidences in the Qur’aan.

Allaah has described the Qur’aan with numerous descriptions in the verses of the Qur’aan, from them Noor (light), Huda (Guidance), Mau`idha (Good admonition), Shifaa`ah (Cure), Rahmah (Mercy), Mubaarak (Blessed), Mubeen (Clear), Bushra (Good news), Azeez (great and lofty), Majeed (Majestic), Basheer (bringer of glad tidings), Nadheer (warner of recompense), Kareem (Noble), and Ahsan ul-Hadeeth (Best of speech and words).

Allaah the Most High says, describing His great book:

"Allaah has sent the best speech as a Book, its parts resemble each other, it repeats in goodness and truth throughout, the skins of those who fear their Lord shiver out of fear, and then their skins and hearts are at peace and soothed by the remembrance of Allaah. This is indeed the guidance of Allaah by whom He guides whomsoever He wishes." [az-Zumar:23]

{… best of speech}: meaning the most potent, most truthful and the most just is the Qur’aan.

{… book similar and resembling itself}: meaning similar in its miracles, guidance and particular characteristics that it resembles itself from part to part.

{… repeating itself}: repeating the laws and regulations, the admonition, the stories and etiquettes.

{… shudder and shiver}: that is, shiver and shudder from their roots.

{… at peace}: that they are at peace, tranquil and soft.

The attributes of the Qur’aan are established in some sayings of the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, which have a weakness, however the meaning of which are correct.

It is reported from the Prophet, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, that he said:

Indeed this Qur’aan is the banquet of Allaah so learn as much as you can from the banquet of Allaah. Indeed this Qur’aan is the strong rope of Allaah and it is the clear guidance and it is a beautiful cure, a protection for those who cling to it and a salvation for those who follow it. Nothing is bent or corrupted except that the Qur’aan rectifies it, nor deviated but that it reprimands them. Its marvels do not fade nor is the sweetness of it decreased by the frequency of those who recite it. So recite it, for indeed Allaah will bestow upon you ten times the single reward for your recitation of each letter. I do not say for Alif, Laam, Meem, but ten rewards for reciting Alif, ten for reciting Laam and ten for reciting Meem." [Reported by al-Haakim who declared it to be authentic, but adh-Dhahabee declared it weak].

Another Example:
"Indeed there will be an affliction! I said: What is the way out from this affliction? He replied: The Book of Allaah, the Book of Allaah, in it there is news about those before you and that which will occur after you. And a judgement in that which occurs between you. The Qur’aan is a judge between truth and falsehood and not a thing for amusement. It is that which none but the arrogant and haughty leave acting and believing in, except that Allaah destroys them. Whoever seeks guidance from other than the Qur’aan then Allaah misguides them. It is the strong rope of Allaah, and the remembrance full of wisdom, and it is the straight path. The Qur’aan is that thing by which the desires are not deviated and nor is it difficult or confusing for the tongues (to read and understand). The scholars are not satisfied except to learn more about it, and none become tired of reciting and listening to it. Its marvels do not fade. It is the remembrance that when the Jinn heard they said: {Indeed we have heard a wonderful and amazing Qur’aan}.

No one is informed of what it contains except that they believe what it has informed and none act by it except that they act justly, and he who acts by it is rewarded and he who calls to it is guided to the straight path." [Reported by at-Tirmidhee. The checker of Jaami` Usool said it has an unknown narrator in its chair of narration. And Shaykh Al-Albaanee said it is very weak.]