Answering to Quranic verses while reciting or listening them.

It is recommended that whenever a person passes by a quranic verse (no matter reciting himself or listening while in prayers or in ‘khutaba’ or otherwise) that is about ‘Blessings of Allaah’ he should ask (pray) for it, and whenever he passes by a verse about ‘Hell fire’ he should ask for Allaah’s refuge from Hell fire, and whenever he passes by a verse regarding ‘Punishment’ he should repent.

Ibn Abbas RA narrated in a hadith reported in Muslim that one night he prayed with the Prophet SWS , whenever he recited a verse about ‘Tasbeeh’ the Prophet kept on saying ‘Tasbeeh’, and whenever there was verse about seeking refuge from the evil and the bad he would repent and seek Allaah’s refuge and forgiveness
Similarly, there is a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah RA, the Prophet SWS said; “when one of you recites Surah At-Teen and reaches the last verse he should respond to it by saying ‘Yes! I am of those who bear witness to it’. (Reported by Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Abu Daud, Baihaqi, Hakim, Ibn Al Mundhir and Ibn Marduyah.

Similarly there are narrations in which it is said who so ever reads (La Uqsimu Biyawmi Al qiyama) [Surat 75:40] and finishes its last verse, he should say: "Yes. Indeed". And whoever reads (Al Murslat,Surat 77] and reaches the end of its last verse he should say: "I believe in Allah".

Whenever any body glorify Allaah, Allaah glorify him in much better style and at much better place. Allaah humma tajulnah min hum.