This is the link to my forum:

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Here is some information regarding it:

Name: Forum of Islam

Created: March 24, 2008.

Type: Islamic Message Board

Purpose: To teach Muslims more about their religion of Islam,
also to teach the kuffaar who join the forum more about Islam.

As the forum was just created yesterday, there will still
be many more additions to the forum,
and those that join today, will get a position in the staff team
regardless of whether they have knowledge of being
an Administrator/Moderator or not,
as it is very easy to learn the controls after being promoted to one.

Also, the forum was created to give members freedom of speech,
so all Muslims/Kaafirs who join will be allowed to hold their own opinion.

Insha'allah those who join will find it to be beneficial to them,
so I shall be looking forward to more members within the coming days.