Alsalaam Alaykom wa Rahmah Allah,

This is our first post here, and hope that this is the right place to post this.

we have recently published an eBook, written by sister Shaneela Rowah Al-Qamar, titled:

The Fragrance: The History of Perfume in Arabian and Islamic History, Volume 1

It is a part of a short Series of short books, titiled: The Origins of Modern Western Society in Islamic History

It is currently available exclusively on Amazon, where you can search for the eBook, inshAllah. Since we have not posted more thwn 25 psts, we cannot link you to the page.

In case you would like to keep updated on our publications, and forthcoming books and promotions, which we plan to have soonincluding free Kindle downloads, please do message us your email address, inshAllah.

We do have a website, but again because we are new to this forum, we are unable to provide the link.

JazakAllah Khair