Salam brothers and sisters,

I have released an app for muslims called Islamboard.
I spent 3 months hard work to build this app for muslims in order for them to get easy access to islamic materials and news.
Insha'allah if you like please support this daw'ah project by installing it and sharing it with other people. Dont forget to leave a review as well so I can improve the app more insha'allah.

Islamboard: Islamic Awareness - Apps on Google Play
Keep up to date with all that is happening in the Muslim world with Islamboard. This free Islamic app updates dynamically, to bring you all the latest Islamic news from around the Muslim world, discussions on Islamic culture, Islamic fiqh, politics and much more! This powerfully motivating app will insha'Allah encourage every Muslim to strive for the hereafter. Packed full of Islamic teachings applying to today‚Äôs world, this Islamic app delivers all the information you would need to increase your Islamic awareness. Hard hitting up to date Muslim news, this is a must read that will deliver everything you need to know about the Islamic revival.We are a non-profitable establishment working towards raising Islamic awareness and reviving Muslims through Islamic teachings, as well as keeping the user informed and up to date with the latest Muslim news from around the world. Content errors/Content CorrectionsShould you have any problems using this app, or find any mistakes in any of the content, then please contact us at [email protected] requests/bug reportingIf there is any way in which you think this application can be improved, or feel that the app has bugs then please contact us at [email protected] is no copyright on these articles. Please feel free to forward them on along with the associated references.Special thanks to brother Aadam for the graphics designs....