ARIEL SHARON's history of murders and crimes against the Palestinians makes a mockery of the civilized world and international law. His policy, soldiers, and –the American supplied Apache gunships and F-16s are responsible for the killings and the injuries of the people who only have stones and brickbats to defend their countries.

The recent stroke that left Israeli Prime Minister hospitalized has abruptly recast Israel’s election campaign, raising questions about whether the mass of centrist voters he planned to mobilize under his new Kadima Party will stand behind a new leader.

The sudden deterioration of SHARON's health and the seriousness of his condition make it unlikely that he continues serving as prime minister, leaving the Palestinians speculating about who will be their next enemy and what will be his nature, will he be a butcher like Sharon, will he be better or worse?

Sharon, known as the "the Butcher", sometimes the Butcher of Beirut, sometimes the Butcher of Palestine, is rarely mentioned without listing the dozens of crimes he committed and the thousands of Arabs he killed in places where he was directly involved in bloodshed. Ex. Sabra, Shatila, and Jenin and many others.

His blood-soaked career, in the military or politics had always been mired in vengeful crimes against the Palestinians.

Sharon, also referred to in most of the Middle East nations as a psychopath killer and mass murderer, came to power to dismantle the Oslo accord and the Palestinian Authority of Yasser Arafat as they both opposed his plan of a Greater Israel from River Jordan to the sea, at the very least, if not spanning both banks of Jordan.

Unexpectedly, as some officials suggest that Sharon might no longer lead the Jewish state, “a mood of regret and uncertainty crept into the tone of Arab analysts and editorials,” an article on The LosAngelesTimes stated.

Some analysts believe that Sharon could be the best Israeli leader the Palestinians can deal with, citing peace agreement he reached with some Arab states, like Egypt and Jordan. But what those analysts ignored is that during his rule, none of the peace agreements and pacts reached with the Arabs were respected or implemented by the Jewish State.

"It's not that they bought that Sharon suddenly turned into a man of peace, but they saw him as capable of making peace. There is a very big difference," said Iman Hamdi, a professor of political science at the American University of Cairo. "They may still think he's a butcher, they may still hate him, but he's the only one with the guts to withdraw from Gaza."

A live example of that is the recent Sharm El Sheikh peace agreement, after which a surge of violence and targeted killing by the Israeli soldiers claimed the lives of scores of Palestinian political figures and innocent civilians.

Also let’s not forget Apartheid Separation wall which is used to justify efforts to confiscate Palestinian lands, facilitate further colony expansion and unilaterally redraw geopolitical borders all the while encouraging an exodus of Palestinians by denying them the ability to earn a living from their land, go to their schools or work places, access clean and safe water resources, or basic health care.

But some others suggest that a Devil you know is better than a Devil you don’t know.