30/12/2009 - 08:56 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- A four-month-old Palestinian baby in the Gaza Strip is facing imminent death if a special kind of baby milk is not procured the soonest, Atiya Al-Basyuni, the coordinator of national and Islamic forces committee, said.

Basyuni said in a press release on Wednesday that Yehya Abu Shabab is sensitive to all kinds of baby milk except Galactomin-19. He added that a Yafa hospital had given his parents four packages of that milk and that the fourth and last one is about to be consumed.

He asked the international organizations and human rights groups to seriously assist the Gazan children who are terribly suffering as a result of the oppressive Israeli siege.

Mohammed Abu Shabab, the baby's uncle, had appealed to the ministry of health to provide the required baby milk.

He explained that the baby suffered constant diarrhea ever since he was born and he was taken to Nasr hospital for children in Gaza city before being transferred to a hospital in Yafa, in Palestine occupied in 1948, where he was given Galactomin-19 after a series of tests that proved he was sensitive to all kinds of baby milk except this one.

Mohammed said that the baby's life is at stake if the fourth and last package is consumed without more being procured.

He noted that the family searched for Galactomin-19 in the entire Gaza Strip and did not find it.

For its part, the health ministry warned of health disasters after 141 types of medicines ran out of stock in its stores.

It appealed to the human rights organizations and the Red Cross to immediately intervene and pressure Israel into opening crossings before necessary medications.