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How to catch Khawarij minded people&Traits of end times Khawarij
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    How to catch Khawarij minded people&Traits of end times Khawarij

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    As we know ISIL & HTS is 1 organisation&so we know from Ulemas fatwas they are khawarij of end times about whom much resource is mentioned in Texts&Bidayah wa Nihayah has clear narrations on them.They cannot be doubted as Khawarij.

    They are called worst of creation in hadeeth (translated as),dogs of hellfire because their actions speak louder than words.Their traits are written beliw.Whenever you find someone like them,its a stogn of Khawarijism &fitan making squad

    May ALLAH guide all Muslims to stay away from these traits that we have witnessed in them&people of knowledge.Aameen.

    The following Ahadeeth explains about Khawarij of end times explicitly

    The Messenger of Allah – may peace and blessings be upon him – said about the extremist Khawarij.

    “In the last days of this world there will appear some young foolish people who will use (in their claim) the best speech of all people (i.e. the Quran) and they will abandon Islam as an arrow going through the game. Their belief will not go beyond theirthroats (i.e. they will have practically no belief), so wherever you meet them, kill them, for he who kills them shall get a reward on the Day of Resurrection

    -Bukhari and Muslim

    And he – may peace and blessings be upon him – said:

    “There will appear some people among you who will recite the Quran which will not exceed their throats (they will not act on it) and they will go out of Islam as an arrow goes out through the game. Whereupon the archer would examine the arrowhead but see nothing, and look at the unfeather arrow but see nothing, and look at the arrow feathers but see nothing, and finally he suspects to find something in the lower part of the arrow.”


    If you notice them,they post Qur’an alot&claim themselves as followers of Shariah &its propogaters.If we possess any of their traits, then we should seek ALLAH ‘s Help&work on improving our Imaan.

    Traits of modern day Khawarij

    use speech of ALLAH(Qur’an)but no actions according to Islamic Shariah.
    lies on Deen,
    fearless about hereafter,
    false makers of good dreams,
    power hungry,
    disrespectful to ALLAH &to Prophet Mohammed(-pbuh)
    some of them affiliated to sihr,
    Reliers upon dreams.
    Double faced,
    They misapply texts like early Khawarij.
    Work in colloboration with kuffar,
    Kills Muslim &pass Takfir out of hate&interior motives,
    knows ilm but hides the reality of situation.
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