British White Widow terrorist Sally Jones 'killed in drone strike'
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Britain's most wanted female terrorist Sally Jones, nicknamed the White Widow, has reportedly been killed in a drone strike.

The fugitive jihadi, who was once a punk rock singer, was said to have been killed in June in a US strike close to the border between Syria and Iraq.

For more than three years, Jones has been the world’s most wanted female terrorist and is now said to have become one of the list of infamous Britons to die after joining Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

She fled to Syria from Kent in 2013 to marry computer hacker Junaid Hussain, an Isil fighter from Birmingham, and took her then 11-year-old son, Joe “JoJo” Dixon, with her.

A Whitehall source told The Sun: “The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance.”
Isil "entry file" of Junaid Hussain shows he crossed into Syria in July 2013Credit: None
CIA officials told their UK counterparts that a US Air Force Predator killed 50-year-old Jones in June, the newspaper reports.

The delay in her apparent death emerging is said to have been over fears her son might have also been killed in the strike. It is not known if her son was with her.

Junaid Hussain, late husband of Sally JonesCredit: Central News
US intelligence chiefs said they cannot be 100 per cent certain that the strike killed Jones as there was no attempt to recover any of her DNA.

Jones had been a single mother of two living on benefits when she met her future husband, then 19, online and became besotted with him.

Sally Jones, left in a burqa holding a gun, and right in a nun's habitCredit: Twitter
Hussain told Jones he wanted to leave to join Isil and encouraged her to join him.

Using the pseudonym Umm Hussain al-Britani, Jones is believed to have recruited dozens of women to the terror group by boasting on social media of how wonderful life was in the caliphate.

Twitter account believed to belong to Sally Jones tweets about decision to put her on the UN sanctions listCredit: Twitter
She encouraged followers to carry out attacks against the West while defending Isil’s beheadings and vowing to do the same.

Her partner was killed in a drone strike on his car in August 2015, she then became know as the White Widow.

She was believed to have been living in Raqqa with her son and was in charge of training all European female recruits, or “muhajirat”.

She was entrusted with leading the secretive female wing of the Anwar al-Awlaki battalion, a unit founded by her late husband that is composed solely of foreign fighters with the purpose of planning and executing attacks in the West.


Sally Jones is 'NOT dead' - Experts react to claims ISIS White Widow killed by drone

SALLY Jones, the British Islamic State (ISIS) recruiter known as ‘The White Widow’, could still be ALIVE despite widespread reports of her death.

PUBLISHED: 14:13, Thu, Oct 12, 2017 | UPDATED: 14:14, Thu, Oct 12, 2017
Sally Jones 'White Widow' picturesNC/SWNS
Sally Jones, the 'White Widow' was NOT killed in a drone strike, according to a US journalist
The 50-year-old fled the UK for Syria in 2013 and became a poster girl for the terror group, as well as training female recruits.
It has been widely reported that Jones was killed in a US drone strike in June somewhere near the border of Iraq and Syria.

But an ISIS expert has claimed officials have told her the vile recruiter is still alive.

Correspondent for The New York Times, Rukmini Callimachi, tweeted today: “I’ve spoke to two senior US officials both involved in the fight against ISIS. Both denied that Sally Jones is dead.”

The Sun yesterday reported a Whitehall source as saying: “The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance.”

British officials have declined to comment publicly, but they have not denied the story.

CIA officers are reportedly “confident” Jones, a ‘High Value Target’ on the US ‘kill list’, was killed in the Predator strike.

However, they admitted they could not be 100 per cent certain without deploying special forces to recover DNA from the body.

Tweet claiming Sally Jones 'White Widow' is not deadTWITTER
"Sally Jones is still alive" - Tweet claims 'White Widow' is not dead
It is believed her death was not made public because her son JoJo, who she travelled with as a human shield, was also killed in the attack.

The 12-year-old was brainwashed into joining ISIS and sources are reported as saying if he was killed, it would not have been on purpose.

Former punk rock guitarist Jones ran off to Syria after she fell in love with British ISIS fighter Junaid Hussain.

She became known as ‘The White Widow’ after Hussain was killed by a drone strike in Raqqa in 2015.

Sally Jones, known as the White Widow, dressed as a nun