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800k to 2 million Muslims detained in Chinese internment camps - World Silent
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    800k to 2 million Muslims detained in Chinese internment camps - World Silent

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    State Department official Scott Busby told senators this week that China has detained at least 800,000 Muslim minorities in internment camps.

    "The U.S. government assesses that since April 2017, Chinese authorities have indefinitely detained at least 800,000 and possibly more than 2 million Uighurs, ethnic Khazakhs, and other members of Muslim minorities in internment camps," Busby, the deputy assistant secretary of State for democracy, human rights and labor, told a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Tuesday.

    "Reports suggest that most of those detained are not being charged with crimes and their families have little to no information about their whereabouts," he said.

    "Former detainees who have reached safety have spoken of relentless indoctrination and harsh conditions," Busby told the committee. "For example, praying and other religious practices are forbidden.

    "The apparent goal is to force detainees to renounce Islam and embrace the Chinese communist party."

    Busby referenced the testimony of Mihrigul Tursun, a Uighur mother who survived one of the Chinese re-education camps and spoke before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China last week.

    Tursun told the committee how she was tortured and interrogated during her internment, as well as how one of her young children died while in government custody.

    "Life outside the internment camps is not much better," Busby said Tuesday. "Neighborhoods have entry and exit points manned by armed police. Families have been forced to accept Chinese officials into their homes for extended home stays.

    "Thousands of mosques have been shuttered or destroyed. Some have even been converted into communist propaganda centers."

    Busby reported how China continues to harass and intimidate ethnic Muslim minorities who flee to other countries.

    He said that the mass internment of the ethnic Muslim minorities in China is only one part of a larger crackdown on religious and philosophical disagreement with the ruling party.

    "Protestant house churches are being shutdown and even officially registered churches are under increased government scrutiny," Busby said.

    "Falun Gong members and members of the Church of Almighty God also reportedly continue to face detention, forced labor, and torture," he said.

    Source: https://thehill.com/homenews/adminis...-in-internment
    800k to 2 million Muslims detained in Chinese internment camps - World Silent

    عن عبد الله بن مسعود رضي الله عنه : ـ
    مَن كانَ مُسْتَنًّا ، فَلْيَسْتَنَّ بمن قد ماتَ ، فإنَّ الحيَّ لا تُؤمَنُ عليه الفِتْنَةُ ، أولئك أصحابُ محمد - صلى الله عليه وسلم - ، كانوا أفضلَ هذه الأمة : أبرَّها قلوبًا ، وأعمقَها علمًا ، وأقلَّها تكلُّفًا ، اختارهم الله لصحبة نبيِّه ، ولإقامة دِينه ، فاعرِفوا لهم فضلَهم ، واتبعُوهم على أثرهم ، وتمسَّكوا بما استَطَعْتُم من أخلاقِهم وسيَرِهم ، فإنهم كانوا على الهُدَى المستقيم
    رواه ابن عبد البر في "جامع بيان العلم وفضله" (2/947ـ رقم 1810) ـ
    ‘Abdullah ibn Mas‘ood said: “Whoever wants to follow a path, let him follow the path of one who has died, for the living are not safe from fitnah. I mean the Companions of Muhammad . They were the best of this ummah: the purest in heart, the deepest in knowledge and the most straightforward. Allah chose them to accompany His Prophet and establish His religion, so recognise their status and follow in their footsteps and adhere as much as you can to their example of conduct and attitude, for they followed true guidance.” [Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr in Jaami‘ Bayaan al-‘Ilm wa Fadluhu, 2/947, no. 1810]

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    Re: 800k to 2 million Muslims detained in Chinese internment camps - World Silent

    May Allah save the muslim Uygur people and punish the facist chinese goverment

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