many non-Muslims moan and whine every time when they see Islamophobic hate speech media "an Islamic terrorist did this, Muslim immigrant made that" then they tend to start to spread their dirty and rotten hates against Islam and Muslims.. so I'm going to compile the valid facts that non-Muslims made the scary and inhuman things against innocent civilians throughout history till today

let's start now

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Crimes against native americans in South and North America by Western European colonialists

Croatians against Serbs, Serbs against Croatians in the 40s and in the 90s

Ukrainians against Poles in the 40s

Mass killing under the Russian empire

Mass killing under the Soviet regime

Soviet war crimes

German crime in the 90s

Armenian terrorism

Terrorism in Sri Lanka

France's colonialist crimes in Algeria

Russian-Ukrainian war

Western colonialism in North America and South America

Japanese war crimes

Mongol invasion

French invasion of Russia

Russian conquest of the Caucasus

many many many more.. to be continued