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    Your Lives Don't Matter: Georgia Shooting

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    In a Democracy, only some lives matter...

    Racial tensions are rising in the US State of Georgia after a young African American man was shot dead while jogging.

    A video has emerged showing Ahmaud Arbery, 25, jogging when he was confronted by two white men, former police detective Gregory McMichael, and his son, Travis.

    The former policeman then shot Arbery, claiming he thought he was a burglar.

    The footage, which was taken by an unidentified witness in another car, shows Arbery jogging down a narrow two-lane road and around a white pickup truck stopped in the right lane, its driver's door open.

    As Arbery crosses back in front of the truck, a gunshot is heard.

    Arbery is then seen struggling with a man holding a gun as a second man stands in the bed of the truck brandishing a revolver. Two more shots are heard before Arbery stumbles and falls face-down.


    The graphic footage of the incident has stirred outrage over the failure of prosecutors to file charges against the McMichaels.

    Black leaders call the killing a case of "jogging while black." They want the pair charged with murder and jailed immediately.

    A video taken by another motorist appears to confirm that Arbery did nothing to provoke the confrontation.

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