KALGACHIA, July 5 – The educated section of the Muslim community in lower Assam have expressed deep concern over the controversial Jumma prayer performed by a section of Muslim women at Homa’s Masjid-e-Faruki, Howly on Friday last violating the religious tradition of the Muslims. They have also opined that such kind of ‘namaz’ by women is prohibited in Islam.

Strongly flaying the activity, a distinguished Hadish analyst and secy of Barpeta district Deen-e-Talimi Board, Mufti Shamsuddin Kasimi in a release remarked that in order to mean Islamic principles and ideals though the women were earlier allowed by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S) to perform Jumma Namaz from behind the curtain, yet in latter stages it was prohibited by Kaliph Omar Faruk (Ra) and Abu Bakkar Siddique (Ra) following a suggestion from their Prophet. In this regard, quoting Hazrat Muhammad’s wife (Bibi) Ayesha (Ra) he said that the Prophet regarded it as the best way for the Muslim woman to perform namaz in their own houses instead of inside the mosque in jamat. Notably he also reacted that none of the recognisedImams of of Islam considered it ‘jayaz’ or permitted.

Expressing strong reaction over the news of women’s Jumma Namaz renowned Hadis-analyst and professor of Balapara Darul Ulum Title Madrassa Mufti Abdul Khatek said that before the demise of Hazrat Muhammad (s). Kaliph Hazrat Omar Faruk (Ra) and Abu Bakkar Siddique preferred settle all religious matters of Islam. They prohibited the women to perform namaz inside the mosque. That is why the Mufti explicitly called it prohibited.