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    Does laughing out loud break your Wuduu? (OP)

    Ibn al-Mundhir said:

    The people of knowledge agree that if a person laughs outside of prayer, then this does not invalidate his purity and he is not required to do Wuduu

    al-Nawawi says:

    The scholars agree that laughing outside of prayer does not invalidate Wuduu

    They also agree that laughing while in prayer, invalidates the prayer.

    The correct opinion which has been adopted by the majority of the scholars is that if a person is praying and he laughs out loud then his Wuduu is not broken because their is no daliil that doing so breaks the Wuduu.

    al-Nawawi said:

    لمذهبنا ومذهب جمهور العلماء أنه لا ينقض ... وهو قول جمهور التابعين فمن بعدهم

    Our Madhhab (the Shaafi'i Madhhab) and the Madhhab of the majority of scholars is that (laughing while in prayer) does not invalidate the Wuduu and this is the saying of the majority of the Taabi'uun and those who followed them.

    As for the ahadiith which have been narrated in regards to the Wuduu breaking when one laughs then

    al-Nawawi says:

    All of them are weak by the agreement of the ahl al-Hadiith.

    So, if you laugh out loud while praying, your prayer will be invalidated.

    But your Wuduu will not be invalided according to the correct opinion held by the majority of scholars of Islam.


    IslamQA - Qur'aan and Sunnah

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    Re: Does laughing out loud break your Wuduu?

    Report bad ads?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZeeshanParvez View Post
    So, you admit that you have never researched. In other threads you talk about how you have looked into the different schools of thought and researched the matter and find the ahnaaf to be closest to the Sunnah. You speak highly of the "akaabir" of Deoband while presenting a cover that you have looked into all of the different views.

    That statement of yours clearly shows you aren't interested in anything but what you were born into. That also explains your emotionally driven behavior in this thread.

    You have taken a very weak haddith and attempted to justify it by means which not even the scholars would. At least AbiruSabeel had the decency to accept that the hadiith was weak. His stance that the ahnaaf acted on this weak hadith out of caution is something one can respect though he needs to work on his negative assumptions for which I rightly called him out.

    You on the other hand have shown that you are simply a biased Hanafi. It is quite disappointing to see this because all this time on this forum you had this image of being neutral. But the moment someone shows you irrefutable evidence that the Hadith about laughing out loud in prayer breaking Wuduu is very weak, you seem to have just lost your marbles.

    Now you have admitted you are not interested in knowing.

    In this thread you have also highlighted how you do not understand simple principles of Usuul or fiqh and that you have no idea what Mustalah al-Hadiith is.

    Otherwise, like AbiruSabeel, you would have admitted that yes the hadiith is weak, very weak, without a doubt, and the only reason we ahnaaf act on it is out of caution.

    Nonetheless, this thread was never meant to be about the ahnaaf or a Madhhab war. Rather, it was a thread highlighting that the hadith on the issue is very weak and all the scholars of hadith agree to this.

    Unfortunately, people with negative assumptions like yourself made it into an issue thinking I am here attacking the 'ahnaaf.

    And the irony is that the 'ahnaaf were never even mentioned in the OP.

    You Hanafis really need to let go of the paranoia. The Shaafi'i, Maaliki, and Hanaabilah often discuss weak hadith in their works. They ensure that we follow only the authentic hadith. When someone preaches this, he is not bashing the ahnaaf. If you feel that he is perhaps you have some hidden insecurities which lead you to believe this. Or maybe you think your Madhhab follows weak hadith and are threatened when someone posts things highlighting what scholars have said.

    Islaam has had a legion of great scholars. Unless this forum wants to ban people from presenting the views of these scholars, admins, mods, and normal users here need to let go of their emotionally invested attitude.

    Everyone has a right to know what the scholars have said on an issue.

    And in this particular case the majority of the scholars of Islaam hold the hadith to be very weak. They hold that laughing out loud in prayer does not break Wuduu. I do not see how this simple fact that the scholars hold such an opinion could make anyone so angry except for someone who was a bigot and fanatic opposed to having people know the views of the majority of scholars in Islaam.
    You didnot bother to see the fatwa posted in post #2 of bro Aabirusabeel, clearly states:

    ''The Hanafis acted according to this on the basis of juristic preference (istihsan) despite legal reasoning (qiyas) entailing otherwise.

    The prayer is the place of intimate, direct discourse with one’s Maker, and the sanctity of this moment is vitiated by laughter or anything unbecoming at a time of such seriousness.''

    it's not the matter whether hadith is weak or strong. It's ''istihsan'' which makes this ruling.

    Your post about bro @AabiruSabeel caused all this hot discussion but you are still defending your ''indecent language''

    Also sh ibn taimiyya rh and sh ibn qayyim rh are my akaabir. Don't you notice it...?

    I respect all famous imams and scholars regardless of their differences to one another.

    It's useless to see what madkhalis say about qutubis and vice versa.

    ''Only My sect is haq and others are batil'' is the root of all this hatred and I hate this hatred.

    Following or not a madhab is personal matter. If someone likes or not shouldn't affect you. Take care of your own aakhirah, don't peep into others.

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