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  1. Islam or Atheism? Which makes more sense??
  2. Da'wah can be difficult
  3. Deoband and Tablighi Jamat
  4. Street Da’wah
  5. good morning
  6. What are the best ways to convert people to Islam?
  7. How can I make a Christian believe in Islam?
  8. Make Dua for God To Make me recite shahada at my death time just ad mercy snd forgive
  9. Can you please pray for me to die this year during Ramadan as a Muslim?
  10. Is there any ways of getting anything you want from God?
  11. Ruling on seeking vengeance on someone
  12. Qur’an released in Khasi language
  13. Renew Your Faith..
  14. Shedding Our Human Characteristics.
  15. How to be grateful to Allah
  16. Balance between inviting non-Muslims to Islam and inviting Muslims to practice Islam.
  17. Grasping What Counts as Sins.
  18. Obligatory Nature of Repentance (Tawba)..
  19. In Persuit of Allah's Pleasure(Pdf)
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