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  1. Working for non-believers
  2. What is "AQIQAH" and is it "FARD"
  3. Delay in naming a child!?
  4. Ibn Taymiyyah and 3 Divorces
  5. How to perform Wudu
  6. marijuanna
  7. Touching a dog
  8. Niyyah
  9. On Approaching Scholars difference in Opinion
  10. Can a Sunni eat beef slaughtered by a Shia?
  11. Muslim wife and non-muslim family
  12. Giving Zakat
  13. A Matter of Life and Death.
  14. Blood on cloths and prayer
  15. Listening to music?
  16. Ruqyaa by the one who is not proficient with the Qur'aan
  17. help me with this....
  18. Men and Jewelry: Silver/gold chains etc
  19. Hijab - A Refutation of Modernists
  20. Urgent Question: about Aqd-Nikkah
  21. language of sallah
  22. translation of al-Risala al-Jami’ah
  23. Downloading from the Internet
  24. Proof on prohibiting celebrating the holidays of the Infidels
  25. Fiqh od minorities
  26. Specific Question Dealing with Karate and Music
  27. music is haram, what about movies
  28. Ahl-e-Kitaab Question
  29. Can najaasah be purified without water?
  30. Fiqh of Love Notes
  31. Question Re: Ahl-e-Kitaab
  32. Bollywood Dancing for Children - unislamic?
  33. It is haraam to take kaafirs as close friends and protectors
  34. smoking in islam
  35. what is the ruling on exchanging photos?
  36. Are the non-muslims considered unclean?
  37. She shows her adornments before her husband’s brothers
  38. I am now tested more with my faith...
  39. Are u allowed to take photos in Islam?
  40. Music: A Prohibited and Fake Message of Love and Peace
  41. Am I allowed to kill this person? (Euthanasia)
  42. is he allowed to do this.....plz help
  43. Niqab
  44. kosher meat
  45. Question involving Video Games...
  46. Hearty relation between two adults--male and female
  47. Coloured Contact Lenses - Islamic Ruling
  48. Women sleep over at the masjid ?
  49. Ruling on working in an Islamic nasheed group
  50. Zakaat Full Meaning - Your Views
  51. Do Muslims Have to Obey a Caliphate Ruling?
  52. Suicide - NOT A WAY OUT
  53. How would you answer this?
  54. Watching Football Matches & The Wasting Of Time
  55. Marriage in a church...
  56. Indoor Pets?
  57. Dua in another language
  58. Charity given during one's lifetime is better...
  59. Wearing NBA basketball singlets? Haram or Halal?
  60. Protection Vest
  61. What are the best righteous deeds after the obligatory duties?
  62. Cutting female hair
  63. A stupid Question but important to me.
  64. Questions on wearing a Hijab
  65. Is listening to music forbidden in Islam?
  66. How much should Mahr be?
  67. Can i read and learn Surah's without Wudhu?
  68. My sisters hearing dog and Ramadan
  69. suras in dreams
  70. rules of hijab?
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