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02-27-2019, 05:33 AM
Assalam Alaykum. Hope you all are well.
I am a convert to Islam ALHAMDULILLAH. I have been Muslim for two years now but still, I have never formally told my family. My reasoning behind not telling them is due to me being a minor with no means of transportation or money.

But it is becoming more difficult for me because, I am beginning to let my family down.
My family calls me ridiculous because I'll not go into public with them. I don't wear hijab, I cant wear hijab. Though they dont understand my reasoning, it is hard to see my mother so angry with me. My father is constantly pestering me to go to the pool with him, but again I do not want to be naked in front of sooo many strangers. He tells me to "Get over it" and that this summer he will force me to go, he laughs about it as if its a joke.
Neither of my parents are bad people but they dont understand, nor would they want to.

So I have tried to find some soultion to this problem. I thought though I cant wear proper hijab maybe I can upgrade from skinny jeans to an outfit Id at least be comfortable wearing in public. So I bought many skirts from online which reach my ankles. I showed my father my purchases, of course I was enthusiastic. But he did not seem so. He had a stern look on his face. The same look he has when he's about to threaten to take my phone lol.
I dont know if this is because he fears having a weird daughter or if maybe he can see I am becoming more openly religious.

Also often times I find it hard to pray my five daily prayers, because I am NEVER alone. I do not even have a room for myself and have to read Quran in the closet.

I feel like everything is against me. Like I don't have a chance. Though I know this is temporary, that this world is forever changing but in the meantime what do I do? Sometimes I feel, does Allah even consider me a Muslim?

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eesa the kiwi
02-27-2019, 09:37 AM
Wa alaikum Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

Firstly I just want to congratulate you for all the good you are doing. Coming to Islam at such a young age may Allah bless you through Islam and bless the ummah through you

When I converted it was a very bad time to tell my family. I knew however that I couldn't practice Islam in secret so I just bit the bullet and told them.

My family flipped out big time but looking back it was one of my smarter moves wa lilahil hamd. It meant I could maintain my salah and eat halal and all the things muslims do.. Eventually my family saw a huge change in me and grew to respect and like my Islam

Sometimes we build these things up in our head and make them seem worse than what they actually are. You of course know your situation better than anyone on the forum but have a think and reevaluate your situation and see whether telling your parents is an option. If there not going to kick you out then perhaps this is the way to go

I think you will find if you tell them it will be a huge weight off your chest

Welcome to the forum btw Barak Allah fiq

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