Who is the Real Muslim?
Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr may God be pleased with him.

The holy Prophet PBUH said, "A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands. And a Muhajir (emigrant) is the one who gives up (abandons) all what Allah has forbidden" (Bokhari, Muslim).

This hadith reveals that the real Muslim is one who avoids harming other Muslims by his tongue and hands. It means he does not pick a quarrel to others and never use backbiting, abusing and slander etc. And follows Allah’s commands and avoids unlawful or forbidden acts of Shariah. This is the real Muslim according to the teachings of Islam.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also said that the real wrestler is not the one who causes the other wrestler down on his back, but it is that who keeps control over his passions at the time of anger. He also said that when anyone becomes angry, if he is standing, should sit down, and if he is sitting, then he should lie down and drink water. Because anger is created by fire and fire becomes cold by water.

May Allah All-Almighty give us ’taufeeq’ to act upon these two hadiths, Ameen.