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  1. Peace or Jihad?
  2. The Reason Why God Is God Is Because He Is Perfect.
  3. What is the purpose of life?
  4. According to the Quran ,matter came before mind (consciousness) ?
  5. What sect should I choose (I'm already stuck in one)?
  6. Whats the matter with that Harun Yahya guy
  7. Is it haram to look at girl's social media?
  8. any help would be appreciated, jazakllah (concerning studying in yemen)
  9. When
  10. Is it permissible for wakil to ask for pay stumps a month before marriage
  11. The purpose of life ,the perfect short answer from the quran
  12. Salat Al-Kusuf (The Eclipse Prayer
  13. Could someone explain to me namaz,sunnah & fard?
  14. Intricacies of Fiqh - Cutting nails in Dhil Hijjah
  15. Short DUA for Travelling
  16. Thread: I believe many Prophets we do not know about were sent to India
  17. Questions about spirituality
  18. Does fasting on 9th, 10th, 11th days of ashura clear sins of all lifetime?
  19. Who has to see the std & hiv test before marriage ?
  20. Is the dajjal symbolic?
  21. Spare time for Allah
  22. Is this heresy?
  23. Imam Gazzali and rationality
  24. Are these the signs of the end times?
  25. Please subscribe
  26. Iddat of divorced woman
  27. How do I know if this is a will of Allah?
  28. Is there any Dua to say so that the snow will come?
  29. Can a sinner believer ask Allah To lift his punishment? And how can he ask Allah?
  30. Does anyone knows if there is a dua to heal someone and not me?
  31. Why it is haram to play games that contains images?
  32. It is permissible for someone to ask Allah To reverse the time?
  33. Why were people of Scriptures tested and Muslims are not tested?
  34. Umar bin Al-Khattab's involvement in Hijab verses
  35. What is the ruling on delaying prayers? Will I get Punished? And what are the punishm
  36. What is the ruling for wishing things to have?
  37. Does the person get disturbed in Grave by insects?
  38. What should I do if I have a picture in my house and I have a dog? And does angel Gab
  39. How do I know if someone has committed a disbelief?
  40. Do also devices listen to Allah?
  41. Did Allah Made creatures to be smart in different areas?
  42. Why I can’t pray and make Du’a on my own language even though I know Arabic?
  43. Can you explain to me some things about “how can I get my Du’a be accepted? And, how
  44. How can I get an answer to my question by Allah?
  45. Can I ask Allah To Make for me only 5 supernatural powers for some reasons?
  46. Can someone give me an example of how to start a long and best Supplication?
  47. Can anyone please explain to me this verse?
  48. Does Allah do sometimes miracle of resurrection even in our times?
  49. If Allah saw people of Scriptures not corrupting their books, then would He promise t
  50. I want to ask you a thing regarding the obligatory prayers and can you clarify me thi
  51. Do also angels laugh at our jokes?
  52. About dreams and the message from Allah
  53. Can someone explain to me this?
  54. Can I call Allah “Doamne” for calling Him and as “Dumnezeu”?
  55. Is there a way to call the angels to my house?
  56. Can you tell me a thing about the prayers?
  57. Is jealousy one of the deadliest sin? And can you tell me if there’s anything in Qura
  58. If I seek the aid of fortune telling, but repent, is my prayer still invalid
  59. Will Allah create another Universes? If Yes, How the new life will be?
  60. Did the dajjal already come? If so, who are Yajuj and Majuj?
  61. A strange incident
  62. Does anyone know what is the best Quran app that has everything?
  63. Introverted personality In Islam
  64. Good blog
  65. At what century did prophet Muhammad lived?
  66. Recommed a book about tawheed please
  67. Miracles of aulia Allah evident from Quran & hadith
  68. Another question regarding the prayers.
  69. Do we help poor..?
  70. Reading Quran in arabic with english translation?
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